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Computer Games vs Sports

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Some students tend to play computer games rather than do sports. Why is this? What can be done to tackle the problem?

I feel that students end up choosing video games over sports as it causes the brain to release adrenaline causing hormones in high quantities. These hormones that make people excited can be addictive to a certain extent. The other motivation for students to enjoy video games is because it offers them an alternate life through virtual reality.

Games often have characters that a player can build. Some games help you to connect with your friends worldwide and play together, which also makes gives the game a social element.

In sports, one needs to work with the body. Training it regularly and practising physical skills can take a toll on individuals. Some people avoid physical exhaustion and fatigue. There is also a heightened risk of injuries in sports. This fear of injuries can be detrimental to people who are afraid of getting hurt.

This problem can be solved by educating students on the health effects of a sedentary lifestyle. School curriculums should include mandatory sports as well as theoretical lessons on the benefits of playing sports. Sports should be taught with the right format and training for students to see value in it. They should also be encouraged by peers and parents to pursue sports for the immense benefits it has.

Families should replace television watching with sports and outdoor activities to encourage children from a young age to develop the habit. Making it a part of their childhood routine can make it harder for them to break the habit of playing a sport.

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