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Tourism is encouraged in many countries. Does tourism bring more advantages or disadvantages to a country.

I feel that tourism has more advantages than disadvantages for any country. Tourism is an industry that contributes to the economy of a country. It not only brings foreign exchange to a country but also creates awareness about the culture of a region. There are several countries that spend money on advertising and marketing because they have realized the importance of creating a new source of income.

Nations like Thailand, Mauritius and Bali are highly dependent on tourism and are tourist friendly nations as well. There are many advantages to encouraging tourism in a country. It can help a nation open new streams of income. The hospitality industry, the transport industry and commodities market are some sections in the society that will benefit immensely.

The locals will find new opportunities for employment and will also be able to exchange culture with visitors from other nations. Tourism will also help educate visitors from other countries about the local heritage and history. The disadvantages of encouraging tourism in a country can be unchecked immigration, illegal trading of goods and services and the increase in crime rate against foreigners.

All of these limitations can be dealt with effectively if the government makes tourism development a part of their plan and standardizes certain processes. Educating the locals and building effective transport systems within and outside a city can help combat crime rates against tourists. If tourism is regulated well within a country, it can help in the progress of a nation and its citizens.

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