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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • regard with disgust and hatred.
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professional tax preparers abhor a flat tax because it would dry up their business

Healthcare professionals abhor politicians’ interference in the NHS.

But politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum and it stands to reason that there must be a vacancy for a party of the right in Scotland, just as in every other European nation.

He abhors the fast food culture and, as a student, can’t understand why many of his peers are content to be couch potatoes.

Your enemies and abhorrers look on with mild amusement.

They come under his jurisdiction, it is true, but he personally abhors those acts.

I make this prediction based on what we know about biology, which is that natures abhors uniformity.

Strong words indeed for a fellow who abhors political smear and accuses others of engaging in it!

It also means sitting down with someone, someone who is not abhorred or hated, to have a conversation.

Just as nature abhors a vacuum, the city cannot abide a void.

Allowing companies to choose their compliancy would satisfy both adorers and abhorrers of the law.

He abhors footballers becoming TV presenters.

I’m one of those people who is always on time, and abhors lateness.

Charles, God bless him, abhors violence and loves dialogue.

What he meant was that the truly pious individual cannot be sectarian because Islam like other religions abhors sectarianism.

Our organisation abhors this kind of act and appeals to residents to be vigilant and watch out for any suspicious goings-on.

However, it obviously cannot involve either, because the university is famously progressive, and hence abhors both sins.

With such notoriety, however, come both admirers and abhorrers.

Watchers are notorious pencil sharpeners, ribbon changers, plant waterers, home repairers and abhorrers of messy rooms or messy pages.

She’s prone to plain speaking and abhors hype, so she’s admittedly uncomfortable with self-promotion.

This is how they behave, these “liberationists” and “democrats”, these foes of conspiracy, these abhorrers of secrecy!

He is a driven man who abhors the notion that sport is not about the winning, but the taking part.

The conservation officer is very pragmatic: she supports legalized and controlled hunting, but abhors poachers.

Inside every one of us lies a Puritan streak which abhors anything smacking of frivolity or done for the sheer joy of it.

The president abhors dissent and is totally dismissive not only of dissenters, but also of the people’s right to dissent.

He abhors anything that adds to the cost of doing business, and politicians who show insufficient urgency about tackling the wider threats to business.