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  • involving or characterized by conflict or opposition
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‘This issue needs to be looked at given the adversarial nature of compensation claims,’ Dr Reilly said.

However, calling attention to the basic differences between the two fields does not mean they are opposites, nor necessarily adversarial in relationship.

The inquiry we are conducting is inquisitorial, and it is not, by character or nature, adversarial .

It seems to me, one ought to be looking at these central authorities as something other than the adversarial party.

This is an adversarial relationship both ways, in which the media control more weapons of destruction than any minister, and use them with reckless passion or amusement, whether to make a headline or dismantle a career.

Such is the nature of our adversarial democratic structures.

Creating an adversarial relationship with the listener is a mistake.

I wouldn’t call it an adversarial relationship.

Families engaged in contentious, highly adversarial , and prolonged conflict before and during divorce often remain embattled afterward as well.

If the parties fail to achieve a settlement through the collaborative law approach, the parties may then pursue adversarial court proceedings.

The Convention drew up a list of principles to guide the Parliament, including the aim to move away from the adversarial nature of Westminster and towards a model based on power-sharing and public participation.

With shared goals, there is less reason for conflict or adversarial relationships.

The thing about questions like this is that they presuppose an adversarial relationship with clients, and that’s so not the case with me.

We have an adversarial relationship with them.

We have an adversarial system where evidence needs to be tested under cross-examination, so if we’re going to put somebody behind bars, you need to establish charges beyond reasonable doubt.

That is, only a dominant group finds it advantageous to settle conflicts in an adversarial way.

I think there is an adversarial relationship within the sports journalism business.

Williams insisted there had been no adversarial relationship between the ministry and the nurses.

They have a much more adversarial relationship with government than we do.

It has never had an adversarial relationship with the government.

The organization is intended to be inquisitorial, as opposed to adversarial .

But what surprised me most about the meeting was a general agreement that the biggest turn-off was the adversarial nature of the campaigning.

She has obviously had an adversarial relationship with the media for a long time.

In an adversarial system of justice, however, judges are expected to crib from the arguments, ideas, and research of the adversaries.

In this tradition, a single judge both investigates and decides a case without benefit of an adversarial trial.

But it is one thing to air such differences in a framework of constructive give-and-take and another to escalate differences of opinion into an adversarial relationship.

In the adversarial system at the beginning of trial proceedings the court asks the defendant whether he pleads guilty or not guilty.

This is not good for the health of our democracy, since it often casts civil society in an adversarial relationship to the State.

Being adversarial is not about creating enemies or escalating hostilities, but is a way to develop the dynamic conditions from which people learn to respect each other.

Working for opposing stations the two men relished the jokey adversarial relationship they shared - one which continues until today.