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  • reduce the force, effect, or value of
  • reduced in force, effect, or physical thickness
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Because vaccination attenuates the clinical presentation of pertussis, a more sensitive case definition than spasmodic cough of two weeks should be adopted in vaccinated populations.

I do not believe this attenuates the force of any judgement against those responsible for such attacks.

To date, only a single randomized placebo-controlled trial has been done to determine whether augmentation therapy attenuates the development of emphysema.

In contrast, fasting, which reduces serum leptin, attenuates ozone-induced inflammation.

In one live, attenuated vaccine approach, scientists genetically modify the TB bacterium in the laboratory, thereby reducing its ability to cause disease.

There is scientific evidence demonstrating that, so far as the individual is motivated for carrying out the work, the negative effect of long hours is attenuated.

Previous research has shown that high-stress individuals and their spouses are at risk for a variety of negative outcomes, including marital and emotional distress, and that social support may attenuate these effects.

This live, attenuated vaccine contains a weakened form of the tularemia bacterium, enabling the immune system to recognize and produce neutralizing antibodies against the bacterium if it is encountered again.

However, the magnitude of the effect was clearly attenuated .

In the earthly zone, which includes a gallery of portraits of Toledan gentlemen, the figures are only mildly attenuated and their garments are painted with the best Venetian illusionistic technique.

Overall, the inflammatory response was attenuated by hydrocortisone.

Despite the fact that the charge on the metal is high, the field acting on the membrane is greatly attenuated by the electrolyte ions in the thin layer of solvent.

Live, attenuated influenza virus vaccine and placebo were administered as an intranasal spray in a single dose between mid-September and mid-November.

Microscopic examination revealed the cysts were of varying size and shape and were lined by thin, attenuated endothelial cells.

So it’s feasible to raise enough antibody there to either completely block or very substantially attenuate the effects that nicotine would have.

However, other strains of probiotic organisms actually attenuated the cytokine response.

Some research suggests, however, that the effects of aging are attenuated not by how much people receive from their community but by how much they contribute to it.

Varicella-zoster virus vaccine is a live attenuated virus that becomes latent after vaccination.

The pressure pulse will then propagate mainly at that specific frequency along the meridian since it is minimally attenuated at the resonant frequency.

You don’t have a choice in stereo: You force everything into that left/right soundfield by selectively boosting or attenuating certain frequencies to enhance those instruments.

The oddly attenuated , gothic proportions of her figures, for example, derive from Varo’s admiration for El Greco.

Social inequalities could never be eliminated, only attenuated .

BCG is a live attenuated vaccine and is being given routinely to all newborns under the universal immunization programme.

Although the data presented here suggest that vitamin C supplementation could be clinically useful in attenuating the effects of smoking on lung development, this study has a number of limitations.

Theoretically this effect is maximised the longer the waiting time; when waiting time is relatively short the effect is attenuated .

Semiconductor photodiodes offer high-sensitivity and low-noise operation, enabling them to detect very low light levels; attenuating filters must be used for high powers.

Ascorbate treatment also attenuated the detrimental effects of the silver nitrate on the plant tissue, considerably reducing the necrotic lesions.

Surfactant therapy attenuated this deterioration, but not completely.

However, this beneficial effect is attenuated , and possibly reversed, after much longer treatment regimens.

Furthermore, we cannot rule out the possibility that a selection effect attenuated some of the findings for the Canadian sample.