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  • providing supplementary or additional help and support
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Welfare is no longer an auxiliary to the ongoing economic life of the people but has become almost their total economic existence.

I’m currently working part time as an auxiliary nurse in learning disabilities at Dewsbury Hospital where I can even work night shifts if required.

Nurses and auxiliary staff joined the strike this week.

There were no lifejackets, raft or even an auxiliary boat for diver pick-up.

For the past few days, we’ve been blown away with all the noise from jackhammers, heavy road equipment, and auxiliary power units.

The use of natives as auxiliary troops had long been a practice of the older colonial powers.

He penned a 300-word long sentence without using a verb or an auxiliary on the Washington summit 15 years ago.

Even so it never envisaged itself as much more than an auxiliary force to the armies of Prussia and Austria.

The 54-year-old auxiliary nurse at Rochdale Infirmary children’s ward is pleased with their response to her ‘Pay to Breathe’ campaign.

The Japanese trained and armed thousands of South-East Asians to support them as auxiliary troops or as armies fighting for independence from the western colonizers.

They include administrative and support staff, instructional officers responsible for teaching inmates and even some cleaners and auxiliary staff.

It also has two Mitsubishi auxiliary engines and a Mekanord marine gearbox.

She said the celebrations also mark 100 years of the auxiliary .

Each of the ladies has been with the auxiliary for 15 years or more, and the current president said the awards were a way of recognising their vital input.

Some of the ladies from the auxiliary were up the other day, putting little flags on the graves.

He proposes that the rule about making interrogatives by placing the auxiliary before the subject is to some extent a rule of written English rather than spoken.

Other attacks in the first wave were on “Battleship Row’, cruisers and other auxiliary ships.

The first wreck is believed to be a coastal trader or auxiliary minesweeper, while the second may be a fishing vessel or trawler that sunk in the area in 1981.

The military auxiliary corps of Filipinos loyal to the United States grew to 15,000.

The women’s auxiliary also organised protests and demonstrations, and went round other unions to raise solidarity donations.

Several people would have to be included, such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and auxiliary staff.

In addition to auxiliary training provided to all agents, call centres in the region are also well equipped with the latest technology.

Why is he not listening to the consultants, doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff who work at the hospital?

An auxiliary American to help with pronunciation would be a good thing, but only as an auxiliary .

Each such group is comprised of one or two Tarawa or Wasp general purpose amphibious assault ships, NAS Whidbey Island, as well as auxiliary vessels.

I must say that all the staff on the ward - doctors, sisters, auxiliary nurses, clerical staff and cleaning operatives - are all brilliant.

But the 62-year-old former auxiliary nurse took off her seatbelt and jumped from her Ford Puma in St Peter’s Way, leaving Ali inside with the engine running.

The force assembled to sail to Britain in AD 43 comprised four legions and about the same number of auxiliary troops, around 40,000 men in all.

The auxiliary has also been called upon to provide support for the two nuclear submarines which were assigned to the task group, HMS Trafalgar and HMS Superb.

In order to launch the WMU and to assure its survival as an auxiliary , the organization needed a strong, tenacious leader.