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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • bold and without shame.
  • made of brass.
  • endure an embarrassing or difficult situation by behaving with apparent confidence and lack of shame.
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David asked, hoping to make himself sound brazen as he returned the phone to his ear.

The first movement is full of blistering winds and brazen sounds, as from an ancient, pagan army.

I mean, my standards weren’t set too high as I knew her acting ability was probably limited to playing a brazen hussy with a deep voice, but still.

The brazen birds are becoming bolder by the year, encouraged by litter from takeaway meals and thoughtless people who throw them food.

Emmanuelle scoffed as she met his eyes with brazen defiance.

But the only man she was concerned about stood bold and brazen in front.

Is he going to be this brazen, this bold all the time?

It was harsh, brazen, forward, passionate, and abrasive.

Here you cannot ignore, barefaced and brazen, the meaning of a ruinous global orthodoxy.

This is the first good 60s track we’ve had, it sounds like a brazen attempt to keep “up to date”, fusing beat elements to Shannon’s basic unchanging style.

The challenge is to win the fight to be ordinary - not to be forced into the role of camp court jesters or brazen sapphic hussies.

However, sometimes a brazen BFF is so bold, brash and fearless that her naughty behavior threatens to get you both in deep trouble.

Each time P. would try to apply a layer within paw’s reach Cindy would swat at the tube as if to say, “No human of mine is going out looking like a brazen hussy.”

Here, you can find traces of human residences, including a neglected paddy field, collapsed stone walls, and broken nickel silverware and brazen kitchenware.

The book is subtitled “bold females and their brazen acts.”

Of course, Carole was ignored, the brazen hussy!

From the first page on, there’s a blunt, blatant, even brazen certainty in this work.

The fact that there was a time when a respectable woman could only pop the question herself in one year out of every four, without appearing forward and brazen, is downright amazing.

Among the Barcaeans there was a skilled worker in brass who took a brazen shield and, carrying it round within the wall, applied it here and there at places where he thought the workings might be.

In the circuit of the wall are 100 gates, all of brass with brazen lintels.

No one at Wentworth was brazen enough to make a bold prediction.

It provided easy access into the building for the items that both vestries and vandals are fond of: silverware, brassware, bells and brazen censers.

I won’t be surprised if the striking “colonels” have been generously compensated for their brazen defiance of military norms.

While child abduction is nothing new, the perpetrators are becoming bolder and more brazen.

The brazen hussy (as Mrs. Chadwick fondly refers to her) then strolls off in search of a stiff drink.

At the heel of that brazen din, the bullhorn sounded again - the fishing boats scattered enough that the ferry could squeeze along the length of the pier.

I do not know that, but I know a brazen hussy when I see one.

Packs of dogs roam the streets of South America - collarless and brazen, unabashedly unneutered.

How can such brazen defiance of health and safety regulations be tolerated?

He was forced into an admission, including the use of 2,000 prepaid envelopes to send out the forgery, and hoped to brazen things out with an apology.