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  • active, fast, and energetic
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The broken window was letting in the brisk cold air.

Skyler replied to her question with a brisk nod, and tried to not make eye contact.

Navi took a quick break from their brisk walk by leaning against one of the light poles.

According to simple economic theory, brisk business activity will naturally boost consumption in the general public.

Business here is often brisk, overseen by the effervescent proprietor who mans the steamy open kitchen.

Business was brisk but there were only a few women by 10 pm.

They ate and broke camp quickly, setting a brisk pace across the slick stone of the Old Road.

A cold, brisk wind fills the square on a grey Saturday afternoon.

He put the weapon away and walked away at a brisk pace.

The brisk November wind made him feel awake and energized.

The group traveled for the rest of the day in a brisk rain.

Her slow walked quickly turned into a brisk sprint as she ran for the front entrance.

Though the wind was brisk and chilly, the sun was bright and warm.

By the time I visited, more than two-thirds of the flats had been sold, and business was brisk.

The next evening a brisk breeze came up from the southwest.

‘Time to go, Cheri,’ Mrs Barnes chirped in brisk tones.

She said all this in a brisk voice but faltered slightly when she saw all my luggage.

The answering tone was brisk and businesslike, as if this happened ordinarily and every day.

If self-restraint at the feast isn’t one of your virtues, a walk in the brisk air may help undo what you’ve overdone.

Darren had to hurry to keep pace with his father’s brisk walk.

He had rustled up his riding-jacket for the brisk evening weather.

She waved a wing in the air, a brisk, dismissing gesture.

That done, she departed for the stables at a brisk speedy walk.

The September night was chilly, with a brisk wind picking up, but neither seemed to notice.

The conductor, whose name I didn’t quite catch, quickly counted off a brisk jazz beat, and we were off.

The air was cold and brisk, but he paid it no mind.

There’s nothing like a gurgling pot of homemade soup to warm your bones when the brisk weather sets in.

There’s wind in the sails today and the brisk breezes revive the men’s falling spirit.

I knew it was a brisk wind, considering it was considered winter, but it really did feel wonderful.

There is also a lone souvenir shop doing brisk business.