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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • abrupt or offhand in speech or manner.
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Indeed, he has the brusque, taciturn manner of a true Montana native, although he was born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area.

How can these youngsters learn emotional intelligence for the workplace, or lead happy personal lives, when they are spoken to with such brusque disrespect?

Equally, the United manager may possibly be one of the few figures down south who can speak to referees in such a brusque, accusatory manner and not incur their wrath.

William seemed to bridle at the brusque manner of questioning, but settled down when Anne gave him a small smile that told him that he should answer.

So even when she was rude or brusque with me I tried to be as polite as I could, knowing that there were reasons behind her attitude.

There has been simmering resentment at the Chancellor’s brusque manner when dealing with other spending ministers.

To begin with, at least, he is curt to the point of being brusque.

An accurate formulation of a patient’s condition and prognosis is of little value if it is conveyed to the patient in an off hand or brusque way and is too painful to hear.

This high-speed technician can be brusque and impatient with the indecisive, but he is a wonder to behold.

At sixty-seven, he is slight and wiry, with white hair and sharp blue eyes and a manner that is both brusque and warm.

It was a brusque apology, short and almost snappy, but it was genuine.

It’s notoriously easy to hit the wrong tone and come off sharp, imperious or brusque in e-mail when you don’t intend to.

That set off a wave of criticism of the defense chief’s brusque manner.

Nor can you claim for a moment that they are rude, or brusque.

The staff was treating her in a very brusque and insensitive manner, and I felt the need to show her some warmth and caring.

Parker’s statements often seem like complete non-sequiturs; his manner is brusque and official.

His ability was unquestioned, but his brusque and abrasive manner aroused hostility which probably hampered his early career.

With her plaid shirt and brusque manners, she is so caught up in her own family traumas she can’t branch out for herself.

His brusque manner seemed to egg her on and she raised her chin a bit.

She headed out, almost blindly towards the market place, heedless of the glances that anyone gave her for her brusque, regal manner.

He looked taken aback by my brusqueness, but quickly shrugged it off.

Coldness and even brusquerie of manner may thus mark the intercourse of equals brought into accidental association, one being ignorant of the claims of the other.

Yet at the same time, brusqueries are to be avoided.

Beneath all his stubborn brusqueness, he was a solid friend and a loving father and husband.

During his Musica Viva recital of three Beethoven sonatas given two weeks ago, Lewis showed that he has no qualms about exploring a composer’s humour and brusqueries.

At the beginning of the show, the dancers approached the audience with tape recorders and brusquely asked us to give our names.

Questions about his place in history were turned away, sometimes deftly, sometimes brusquely, at an otherwise tedious luncheon at the official Writers’ Club.

On my first return the doctor was late again, but the receptionist brusquely ordered me to go to the x-ray department for a “control picture”.

Like many shy people, her timidity at first masquerades as brusqueness - though not, according to old friends, as much as it used to.

This feeling quite accounts for any brusquerie the Sulphur Prospecting Expedition may have met with.