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  • carry out (a task) clumsily or incompetently, leading to failure or an unsatisfactory outcome
  • a mistake or failure, typically one resulting from mismanagement or confusion
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It has also emerged that the cost of the huge bungle has risen still further, as red-faced officials have warned ministers that they are preparing to write off $14m paid out during the fiasco.

Let’s hope I don’t bungle any of my assignments.

They claim the bungle may have helped to fuel the alarming childhood obesity crisis in the UK and associated problems such as heart disease and diabetes in later life.

a government bungle over state pensions

Sky channel subscribers in York reacted angrily to the bungle, which could have led to monthly payments of £9 being taken out of their accounts for the next two years.

The Government, when the bungle was first announced, estimated $500 million.

Today we know of a new bungle which will deliver an average debt to Australian families of an additional $400 to $800.

First, while not unreasonable, the assumption that we would bungle the task of assigning rationality is speculative.

The bungle is attributed to haste and sloppiness.

Another strand involves three inept gangsters and a dog, who bungle every job they attempt, and whose dog you just know is going to become a crucial part of the plot.

Red-faced council officers claim the bungle occurred only because they were trying to save taxpayers’ money.

She had to be dropped from the newcomer category last month after an eligibility bungle because she had already been shortlisted for best female in 2000, but lost out out to Sonique.

The bungle has been branded “dismal” by a passenger group based in Manchester, which is calling on Network Rail and train companies to start planning ahead to make sure it never happens again.

Besides, if I bungled this mission it would horrible on my record.

About 40 officers sealed off the bank and nearby streets before it emerged that the robbers had bungled the raid and fled empty handed.

His political career is plagued with bungling mistakes, places where he stuck his neck out only to have his head chopped off.

And then his bungling efforts were absurdly inadequate to deal with the tire.

It is all in the facts and figures, but, of course, she images somebody who is useless, inept, bungling, and ineffectual.

And they’re bungling, and they’re a mess by flattering the troops.

His memorable departure from the series came in 2002 after his on screen character, Hector, bungled an attempt to blow a killer pike out of the loch using a remote controlled boat and explosives.

Within the opening 30 minutes of play, about five goal attempts were bungled as the players misdirected shots that could have easily been placed into the nets.

The European parliament has bungled its latest attempt to outlaw spam.

However, when the crowds arrived on Saturday morning the USGA looked like incompetent bunglers to the 10,000 or so of paying punters trying to get into the Bridge Gate.

Critics are blaming bungled attempts to find the right people to run the new Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service after pitching the initial salary too low to attract the right calibre of candidate.

Crime-fighting in the early 18th century has tended to be written off as bungling and corrupt, but Sharpe makes the important revisionist point that the Gregory gang was brought down with exemplary speed and efficiency.

But a minister should also be prepared to accept blame and responsibility for the mistakes and bungles made.

A bungling bootlegger peddling pirate DVDs was caught red-handed when he attempted to sell his loot to a Surrey trading standards officer outside the trading standards office.

Each day seems to bring some new revelation and the hierarchy’s bungling, even venal handling of such cases.

But the mistakes and bungles didn’t stop at the conclusion of the war to end all wars.

This is - on one level you’ve got to accept that he was bungling and made a lot of errors.