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  • a narrow shelflike bed, typically one of two or more arranged one on top of the other.
  • nonsense.
  • sleep in a narrow berth or improvised bed, typically in shared quarters as a temporary arrangement.
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anyone with a brain cell would never believe such bunk

These people have abandoned their own religion as so much bunk, but have enthusiastically embraced Buddhism, which they imperfectly understand.

That’s been shown to be complete bunk, as evidenced by the fact that Canada won last year’s World Championship and the gold medal in Salt Lake City.

Precisely, the governor said that multiculturalism is bunk.

Certainly there is as much bunk out there that needs to be unmasked as nonsense or lies.

Foretelling the future through astrology is bunk, right?

I’ve said before that I think the supply-siders who argue that lowering our marginal tax rates will raise revenue are full of bunk.

Most trendspotting articles - especially those appearing in newsless August - are bunk.

We like to believe that history is bunk because we don’t like being bound by it.

In an often-quoted remark, Henry Ford, the great captain of industry, said, “History is more or less bunk .”

So the Leftist explanation that “poverty” keeps blacks out is sheer bunk.

That he believes his own bunk is the best joke of all.

Interestingly if you search for it online, pretty much the first thing you get is a long page by earthquake experts explaining precisely why it’s total bunk.

Namely, that this global warming, de-forestation and pollution stuff is all bunk, the planet has never been in finer fettle etc.

Proportional representation, for reasons on which I have ranted extensively in this house and elsewhere, is bunk.

On every other subject, they assure us all that “right is right and wrong is wrong” and that cultural relativism is bunk from the elites.

In a democracy, this sort of offensive bunk needs to be tolerated.

they bunk together in the dormitory

And I still have no idea whether it’s total bunk or not.

All of this bunk is making its way around Nassau.

Does this mean I think all Eastern medicine is bunk?

The theory that this drifter that’s living in his car sneaks in - and this garage door theory, I think is a bunch of bunk.

And interestingly, they’ve all got their names on their bunks which is extremely useful for an archaeologist.

The Queenslanders were sleeping in cars or bunking in caravan parks.

Inmates had their own cells, an improvement over bunking with another con.

Be sure crossties are under the mattress foundation of each bed and that they are secured in place even if bunks are used as twin beds.

They can decide together what would be a fair way of assigning responsibilities for keeping the cabin clean, or even how the bunks are arranged.

The band, who were all asleep at the time (very rock ‘n’ roll), were thrown from their bunks and some suffered minor injuries.

He began his sentence in the Bendigo police station cells, where up to 18 prisoners were locked in an area with bunks for five or six people.

After bunking for 10 years in a two-bedroom condominium that doubled as his business office, Philip was ready to trade breakfast meetings in his pajamas for a more refined style of living.