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  • able or apt to stay afloat or rise to the top of a liquid or gas
  • cheerful and optimistic
  • (of an economy, business, or market) involving or engaged in much activity
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The group said that despite higher volumes, the Republic of Ireland’s trading profits were broadly flat in a pretty buoyant market.

Housing markets are buoyant in the US, Britain, and some euro economies, so there’s no problem there - there are no constraints on monetary easing.

The meeting of Abbeyside and Shamrocks is equally difficult to call, although Shamrocks will go into the game in buoyant mood following their impressive victory over Dungarvan last time out.

The American economy is amazingly buoyant , amazingly strong.

The property market in Budapest was extremely buoyant and house prices rose dramatically in the immediate aftermath of the transition to multi-party democracy in 1989.

Since it was the first day I wanted to get a brief feel for the air here, especially after all that wonderfully buoyant smooth stuff in Wisconsin, so I set the task as the 50 km triangle.

The cirrus was filtering the sunlight, the air was buoyant and the thermals were as smooth as could be.

The seawater density in the ocean normally increases with depth, because heavy water sinks and buoyant water rises.

You can’t see their chests heave, but they must, at least for a minute, after settling from a race over the rocks to soft, buoyant water.

Moreover, Bartol and company managed to visualize the flow of water around a boxfish by placing neutrally buoyant beads in the water and filming the beads as they swept past plastic models of the fish.

However, he had been in a buoyant mood prior to his death.

I figure if I can get a 16:1 required glide ratio to goal I can make it into Quest given the buoyant air.

The air was buoyant and finally Mark hit some light lift and we took it back to 3,600’ AGL.

The aim is to make the process as smooth as possible and help increase the succession rate for buoyant businesses.

The survey, carried out by national estate agents Strutt and Parker, shows the property market in the county remains buoyant and prices are still rising.

He had a care-free manner, always in buoyant mood, and was good company at any time.

This young, thick crust is very buoyant and rises above the level of the ocean surface.

Large-finned, negatively buoyant squid soar like eagles in rising currents, but lose control in currents above one body length per second.

No longer could he fight his way through the buoyant element of air which had been his friend since birth.

Suddenly the mood is buoyant again but this will be a major test.

He was in a buoyant mood; he had just been told that two insurgents had been blown up and killed while trying to set a roadside bomb.

There was buoyant air and I got to even climb a bit from 700’.

The central bank warned earlier this year that a sudden end to the country’s property boom posed one of the most serious risks to the country’s buoyant economy and jobs market.

Liberal Democrats were in buoyant mood this week, leaner, hungrier and more convinced than ever that their party’s long history of false dawns could soon be over.

The only reason why they are able to stay afloat is their buoyant sacs near their throats.

He also saved his detailed, melancholic diary - which did not turn up for more than a century, and which provides such a valuable anchor to Frémont’s buoyant optimism.

Unconventional or continuous accumulations are regional in extent, have diffuse boundaries, do not have obvious seals and traps, and are not buoyant upon a water column.

Yorkshire were in buoyant mood today for their Benson and Hedges Cup match against Derbyshire at Headingley which marked the opening of their home season.

As they collect, the raisin becomes increasingly buoyant until it finally rises to the surface of the soda.

Since the demise of the hydrogen-filled Hindenburg, helium was in big demand as the buoyant gas for airships.