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  • persuade (someone) gradually or by flattery to do something
  • coaxial cable
  • coaxial
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In areas where cable modem service is available, the cable company can sculpt that down to the single coax line.

It can serve up to four video streams simultaneously - one to a locally connected HDTV and three to additional client boxes connected via coax anywhere in the home.

After all, you can’t lay fiber, buy cable modems and pay for cable TV with surplus coax.

Although both devices may have coax connections, once you see the image quality between them, you’ll see why you should go with S-Video.

You might see a fairly significant change if you could coax him into going for a 30 minute walk most days of the week.

He kept on trying to coax her to walk into the water, but she adamantly shook her head.

When my turn arrives I slowly, carefully coax the boat round until the wind is directly behind it.

She shook her unruly mane of red hair, attempting and failing to coax it into some semblance of order.

He’s a big fella, well over 6 feet, with hands the size of tree stumps, but still able to coax sweet sounds from a guitar.

Few of us have a team of trained hair professionals to dry, set, curl and coax our hair into perfection every morning.

As multimedia enthusiasts can tell you, a coax connection is not the best choice for image quality, to put it mildly.

In addition to the antennas supplied, the antenna connector on the hand held radio will accept a common coax antenna cable connector.

It is a special puzzle challenge to coax these sets into a symmetrical shape.

Use a metal pastry scraper to coax the dough into shape, and a minimal sprinkling of flour, as necessary.

I tried to coax him down but I could see he was terrified.

I had to go down and personally coax him out of the car so that we could get him back here.

The negotiators talked to him and managed to coax him out.

The birds are in the trees, and if I could coax them down to my shoulder, then my trek may be warranted.

Be it cable or satellite, just plug the coax cable into the coaxial cable input, and you have access for up to 125 channels.

Yes, if I were a nesting bird, I’d find a coil of coax to be the perfect shape for a nest.

Today, a bad picture isn’t a problem with the rabbit ears or a loose bit of coax : it means that the decompression of a digital video stream has gone all wonky.

If he can coax some defectors from the opposition, he may reach a majority.

Another good antenna that’s been popular around here for over 20 years is the “J-pole’ made from a piece of old TV antenna twin lead and a piece of coax.

I coax him to the table by setting out an open beer.

He coaxed the mouse onto his hand and put it into a tiny wicker basket.

He coaxes strong performances out of most of his cast.

Mistress smiled kindly and coaxingly asked me to come over to her.

She warns them that she doesn’t want to wear the cloak but they insist and her mother coaxes her to go along with their request.

My son caught it by knocking it off the car with a twig, then coaxing it on to a piece of card, and then putting it in a jam jar.

I whispered coaxingly to the baby, holding him to my chest.