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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • persuade (an unwilling person) to do something by using force or threats.
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What industries will step forward next and try to coerce consumerism when they can’t win it fairly in the so-called free market?

The alleged intention was to coerce privatisation of the national oil company into the hands of the foreign investor group.

The movie is full of wit and stuff that would coerce a chuckle out of anyone, from teenagers to adults.

The following is a letter from a woman who police attempted to coerce false testimony from.

A strong family member, for example, might coerce the votes of weaker members of the family.

I know, I know, I can’t coerce anyone into liking cats, but all I ask is that you please have an open mind about the species.

Most of these groups employed threats to coerce people into making transactions or to derive benefit.

All kinds of groups use fear to terrorize the loners and coerce fealty from those who don’t want to be a target.

It is a victory for the MP, who has been urging the government to bring in new laws making it a crime to aid and abet or coerce a forced marriage.

The implicit rule seems to be that when chiefs speak, you must make yourself listen to them; they do not need to persuade or coerce you to listen.

Mischa pressed the dagger enough to coerce him to let go of her.

For one thing, films basically force you to identify with characters; novels can’t coerce you in the same way.

She linked it back to the government’s ability to coerce statements out of key intelligence officials for their own political ends.

She’s being held in civil contempt, because they want to coerce her into talking.

Constitutionally, the Treasury cannot coerce us into any action.

It could try to coerce conformity or it could become tolerant.

Rather than coercing behavior via laws, communitarians advocate persuading fellow citizens through shame and appeals to community norms.

This is really your opportunity to be yourself, to do something without coercion from others.

Since nearly all coercion is morally suspect, and much of it legally punishable, successful coercers will not want to testify.

Once she is coerced into signing adoption papers, she’s bundled out of the way and into the convent to save her parents further humiliation.

His client still insists that she was coerced into committing the blackmail offences by her co-defendant.

Like any confidence man, the coercer can only exploit a weakness that we refuse to confront directly, ourselves.

Claims that hundreds of voters were coerced into handing over incomplete postal votes to party activists were made in the days running up to election day.

The justice’s dissent reasoned that the clause only forbade government from establishing an official church and coercing religious beliefs.

I was never coerced or forced into doing anything I didn’t like.

Those detained face beatings and other forms of torture, aimed at coercing confessions or information about rebel forces.

Saturday night’s boy has been texting me; he must have coerced my number out of my housemate.

The girls were coerced into silence by the culprit about what they had experienced.

Tickets are priced at a very modest £6 and parents are not coerced into buying flashing neon light thingies at the interval.

The factors coercing this activity could be addictions, pimps, debt & poverty.