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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • (of an argument, theory, or policy) logical and consistent.
  • united as or forming a whole.
  • (of waves) having a constant phase relationship.
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He was an extremely articulate and coherent person - he knew what he wanted, he knew why he was doing it, and he didn’t see why people should have a problem with it.

We see the dichotomies, the wealth of paradox and the inherent contradictions but fail to see what it is that unifies them all into a coherent whole in their minds.

Consequently we have a relatively coherent body of knowledge about ancient Hawaiian healing practices.

But now that I’m finally coherent enough to write again, I went ahead and updated.

You may have it wrong and backward, but at least you are coherent, unlike most on this thread.

In fact I was more coherent about the general approach than I can remember being.

As a collection of works the exhibition doesn’t seem very unified, it doesn’t have a coherent visual voice.

Today the politics of these countries become more and more populist: appeals to public opinion rather than to reasoned concepts of coherent policy.

When he takes his prescription he is not coherent.

Luckily, as drunk as we were, we were still coherent enough to bat away the guy’s sales pitch with enough authority to be allowed to leave.

It can be seen most clearly when a coherent wave is split into two partial waves that are then recombined to produce a pattern of bright and dark fringes on a screen.

In dealing with the above topics various questions emerge: Are coherent theories and testable hypotheses presented?

One is called on constantly to articulate and represent one’s practice as a coherent body of work.

Although he had a few drinks he was sufficiently coherent to arrange a taxi home.

Their industrial policies are coherent and substantial.

She only had a mild concussion and she was coherent and trying to get up and about - otherwise, not a scratch on her.

Tattoos done in this manner - without a coherent plan for the body as a whole - are “guy” tattoos.

The human mind is much more capable of integrating images, logos, and short sound bites than it is at comprehending any sort of coherent, logical argument.

There are of course lasers with wavelengths in the infrared, masers that emit coherent microwaves, and even x-ray lasers.

The prize will honor a visually compelling, coherent body of work that bears witness and has integrity of purpose.

It also developed a coherent body of theological and administrative opinion.

There is little evidence the party is developing a coherent argument that would persuade voters the centre-right is attractive or even relevant to them.

They often present a body of traditions and beliefs as coherent and timeless.

It does not have the centralisation of religious authority which can both unify people around a coherent set of values and prevent the emergence of extremes.

Somehow out of these nearly antipodal situations a coherent policy of managerial control will have to be fashioned.

We also have a coherent body of activists who are committed to changing the world.

The thief was sober, coherent and, although clearly dangerous, seemingly intelligent.

Come on Chris, go study your contraception pamphlets and military briefing papers and come back when you’re coherent.

In this important new book, he suggests that what is lacking is a coherent theory of markets as social institutions.

Think security and the idea of assembling a coherent body of knowledge on a terrorist organisation.