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  • the expression of very strong disapproval; censure
  • the action of condemning someone to a punishment; sentencing
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The ambivalence stems from Wittgenstein’s admiration of Freud combined with his staunch condemnation of psychoanalytic theory.

They are owed our admiration, certainly not condemnation.

there was strong international condemnation of the attack

Livnat has also awarded the Israel Prize to a scientist who spoke out sharply in condemnation of homosexuals.

We ask you to add your voice to the growing chorus of condemnation of Australia’s refugee program.

Despite his attempts to calm spirits, Dieudonné met with widespread condemnation .

A glimmer of either joyful revelry, criticism, or downright condemnation .

He struck a more populist note in his outspoken condemnation of the French resumption of nuclear testing at Mururoa in 1995.

Yet the response to its plan to shut facilities at the Barbican Centre or Yearsley has prompted a tidal wave of condemnation.

Most telling about the agenda of Human Rights Watch is the joint NGO statement of condemnation regarding the Beslan terrorist massacre.

There is much about rehearsals, interpretations, recommendations or condemnations of performers.