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  • a person who directs the performance of an orchestra or choir
  • a person in charge of a train, streetcar, or other public conveyance, who collects fares and sells tickets
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Shortly after the train is departed, the conductor comes around collecting tickets.

Using a heady combination of intellect and inspiration, the principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra is making it one of the world’s great orchestras.

Graphite is a reasonably good conductor of electricity.

There is nowhere to buy tickets so if the conductor doesn’t turn up, what can I do?

Carbon is an excellent conductor of electricity.

In England in those days, you had to give your ticket to the conductor at your destination.

They had a conductor and a motorman: a motorman to drive it, and a conductor to collect fares and announce the stops.

It brings me joy to see the whole process - conductor, orchestra, soloist - to see how it all comes together.

The driver could collect fares, displacing the conductor.

The smaller the core and the poorer electrical conductor its material was, the faster the field would decay.

Based in south west Scotland and south east England and operating on a national basis, we offer full lightning protection and conductor services.

In a few months’ time, if you ask the city bus conductor for tickets, chances are you will get a printed slip similar to a department store bill.

The conductor sold us “one-ways’ to Egton Bridge and said the line was sometimes busy on a Sunday and quite popular with walkers but seats were not reservable.

On alighting from the bus, the conductor handed over his ticket to him, revealing the fact that he had paid for his ticket.

Alsop is principal conductor of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, which plays tomorrow night at the BBC Proms.

Mascagni was a competent conductor of orchestral music as well as opera.

Can a laser be used as an electrical conductor between two points that are not in physical contact?

But others say the majority of people behave on buses and employing a conductor would put up fares.

He returned to Manchester to join the Halle, then one of the world’s greatest orchestras under its legendary conductor Sir John Barbirolli.

On his first visit to Barenboim, Lang played the Tchaikovsky concerto while the conductor played the orchestra part on a second piano.

This version is directed by Ann Wodeman, with musical director Alan Gardner conductor of Kendal Choral Society.

But perhaps the most famous Italians of the period were performers: the conductor Arturo Toscanini and the tenor Enrico Caruso.

There is nothing remarkable about this, but a single person was acting as a conductor , rubbish collector, and guard.

Incorporation of dissolved ions makes water a better conductor of electricity.

The metal is a good conductor of heat and electricity.

He also served as music director, conductor, and guest conductor in symphony orchestras worldwide.

Under this condition, an insulator, which previously prevented the flow of electricity, becomes a conductor .

It has a high melting point and is a good conductor of heat and electricity.

This conductor is of the same type and cross-section as the down conductor(s) of the installation.

She claimed she found herself in trouble only after intervening in a ticket dispute between the conductor and a fellow passenger.