Remember The Text



  • transport or carry to a place
Use the "Sentences" section of the app to practice with different usage examples of the word.


Rather than providing a transparent depiction of daily life, diarists convey a great deal about the preoccupations of their society.

Tractors cannot be used on land to convey fodder to feeding sites and farmers have to carry in hay or silage on their backs.

He looked up at her, with an expression designed to convey the right feelings.

It’s in the way we engage in small talk and mobilize our facial expressions to convey interest and sympathetic sentiments.

The melodies could sometimes be stronger, but King’s lyrics and delivery convey an arresting spectrum of ambivalent emotions.

It is only since Charlotte’s diagnosis that I have found words that almost convey my feelings.

She actually made the effort to convey her message to another friend to inform me.

Teenagers have always used text messaging not so much to convey information as to hang out electronically with friends.

The most effective channel for artists to convey their perspectives is through their art.

Mr Harvey and his daughter have asked me to convey their very kind regards

A book as a prop is a great idea to convey the mood and make the sitter feel relaxed.

We also enjoy the right to conduct and participate in protests and gatherings to convey our position to governments and companies.

The property was conveyed to the father, but it was agreed that if the son and his wife paid all the mortgage instalments he would then convey the property to them.

Williamson’s characters failed to touch, move or convey anything of significance.

it’s impossible to convey how lost I felt

He has a special interest in attempting to convey academic ideas to the mainstream, perhaps through print journalism.

I mean, how could such a simple word convey a feeling so intense and nauseous?
Upon completion of this course you will be able to communicate with spirit and convey the information you receive.

Two messages we sent at this time convey the sense of concern about this situation.

pipes were laid to convey water to the house

I still haven’t brought myself to call my cousin to convey my condolences.

Is it right that a lawyer is retained to convey a property and their client ends up with nothing?

It is also how we want to see racing go forward and to be able to convey our wishes.

Words are not always the only or even the best way to convey feelings of joy, sadness, fear, contentment, anger, and love.

Verbal language is commonly used to communicate, to convey a message and to criticize.

Mr. Harvey and his daughter have asked me to convey their very kind regards
By their regular performance, the words are remembered from one generation to the next, and they convey beliefs and ideas from the distant past.

The message is conveyed, but no information is received back until a reply arrives.