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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • reduce (something) in quality or value; degrade.
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In Europe, gold was democratized by its use in coins, even though successive rulers tried to debase them by mixing in lesser metals or reducing their size.

Everywhere people recognise that genuine forms of corruption debase the quality of their life, lead to the degradation of their social and physical environment.

The state has understood this lesson since the kings of old began repeatedly to debase the coinage.

For some people extending human control over genes is the supreme act of hubris and, like all hubris, threatens paradoxically not to elevate but to debase us.

the King was forced to debase the coinage

the love episodes debase the dignity of the drama

We expect our television to debase us, empty us, and condescend to us.

His way is not just to debase traditional standards; it is to do away with them altogether.

Not content to debase himself, he insisted that his wife drink as well.

For those viewers who aren’t regular watchers of this show, let me recap how the game works: People debase themselves for money.

There is no evidence in this case of any positive intention to humiliate or debase the applicant.

The “anti” brigade says that gifts can debase the trust between doctor and patient and devalue the true value of the care that doctors give.

If the Minister had received cash in return for assisting a visa or passport application, that would debase him.

People like to watch people debase themselves.

As a place for sport and place for pride, this wonderful space has been debased by senseless people acting, presumably, on behalf of the nation, without, of course, the people’s voice.

Milton Friedman pointed out some years ago that when the government spends, it will figure out a way to finance its spending, whether by taxes, by deficit borrowing or debasing the currency.

It was reprehensible the way they debased the institutions of government to fund the ‘96 campaign.

Sayles shows us characters peddling debased versions of history and culture put to the service of marketing.

The debasement and corruption of the media are profound symptoms of the decomposition of the country’s democracy.

The US financed the war through printing extra dollars (rather than through increased taxation) and so it debased its own currency.

The result is a debased, debauched culture which finds moral depravity entertaining and virtue contemptible.

They blame pornography for divorce, the dissolution of families, the debasement of sex, and general spiritual dissolution.

Public life has been debased by the rancid culture of personality politics.

Numerous laws and statutes enacted against “multipliers of metals” and debasers of coins suggest that this was a profitable medieval equivalent of money-laundering and financial fraud.

It is unfair, unequal, biased, and debases us all.

It is deemed treatment to be degrading because it was such as to arouse in the victims feelings of fear, anguish and inferiority capable of humiliating and debasing them.

These are the sort of values that Australian people cherish, are entitled to but are being debased by this government.

Rather, it assumes a more traditional role in which art becomes a privatized sphere of reality, seen in opposition to a world debased by common values.

Worse, a discouraged, angry, and alienated lower class is directly related to the growing debasement of our popular culture.

The phenomenon distorts religion, debases tradition, and twists the political process wherever it unfolds.