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  • expose the falseness or hollowness of (a myth, idea, or belief)
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Ignore or debunk David Irving, but don’t censor him.

Whoever is trying to debunk him, they are simply jealous that he is up there and they are down there.

This is the man who spends much energy trying to debunk Mother Theresa.

If anything, the Oscar nominations debunk the idea that this was a great year for women.

How to debunk the man who set 61 NHL scoring records, led the NHL in scoring 10 times, and was the league MVP 9 times?

Goode’s goal is to understand rather than to debunk such beliefs.

Sometimes this long-range goal is sacrificed because of the desire to expose or debunk a current claim.

It is the first of several articles that debunk the theory that ‘A-type’ personalities are prone to heart disease.

It is not their inclination to debunk combat heroes…

Carr has usually been seen as a defender of realism and a debunker of idealism, but his thinking was much more subtle.

In Newsweek today there’s another nice piece of debunkery by Hosenball and Isikoff.

Always highly readable, Dawkins is a biologist, a proponent of the theories of Evolution, and a debunker of pseudo-scientific tosh.

He brilliantly debunks the notion of a single “pre-political’, traditional and eternal concept of marriage.

Over the past two centuries, Hamilton’s reputation has waxed and waned as America has glorified or debunked businessmen.

Rothman debunks the romantic notion of a doomed genius working feverishly by candlelight to commit his revolutionary theory of equations and groups to paper.

A growing body of research on parent-adolescent relationships has debunked the popular notion that emotional distancing is a necessary companion to adolescent individuation.

However, by an analysis of econometric studies, case study work and official statistics, this paper debunks the idea that, for the majority of these groups, ‘things are getting better’.

She debunks the idea that the human interest story was always central to American journalism.

The major portion of this book is dedicated to debunking beliefs in astrology, superstition and New Age beliefs.

The teenage Twain’s initial intention had nothing to do with debunking Simmons.

All told, an evening that deromanticises Ibsen without debunking him and that offers vital proof as to why we still need the international festival.

Here, Lévy offers a genuinely interesting take on the issue, siding, at least partially, with the debunkers of the “obesity-as-disease” myth.

Each year, the Abstinence Clearinghouse devotes two hours of its annual conference to debunking a man whose fame and influence peaked generations ago.

Dr Marshall places Knox in his context and cuts him down to size without debunking him or letting him be effaced by the tumult of his times.

A very ordinary rural chap (the Mirror piece certainly debunking the idea that he is a reclusive loner), he has understandably won mass public sympathy for the way he was mistreated.

Even the great Enlightenment debunkers - Nietzsche, Wittgenstein and Heidegger - are criticised by Gray for believing in human exceptionalism and for being too optimistic about man’s fate.

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you, both for your much-needed educational foundation and for your dedicated work debunking scam artists and frauds.

The film debunks the notion of an egalitarian society.

Fourth, Dr.Robison also debunks the common assumption that our kids are not only eating more today, they’re eating more of the wrong kinds of food.

In his brilliant appraisal of the post-punk years, Simon Reynolds debunks the old idea that the Sixties witnessed pop’s golden era.