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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • publicly denounce.
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I am committed to doing my part to publicly decry a destructive repetition of history.

Critics also decry the political consequences of challenging the sanctity of wilderness.

If we are to decry the activities of professionals paid to protest public policy we should identify who they really are.

Then they will decry human rights abuses in other countries.

Critics decry episodes such as this one as egregious examples of a general bias in the obesity research community.

He decried it as an attack on the international working class, and encouraged all workers to refuse to go.

Any sort of naturalism was decried as an attack on theistic belief.

And far from decrying the impact of the internet, Taylor maintains it will “provide phenomenal growth to our industry”.

On close examination, the charges of the Roosevelt decriers fall apart.

Borges denounced Hitler almost from the start, decrying the arrival of Nazism as a catastrophe for German culture.

Conservative MEPs have already decried the move as a crude attempt to sway public opinion towards a yes vote.

Critics have decried this outcome, saying it would raise the government’s annual deficit.

But when the people decrying the lack of data are the same people blocking all attempts to get it, I get mad.

The decriers of greed, privilege, and degeneracy and champions of economic equality are forcefully rebutted in turn.

On what basis can one justify one while decrying the other?

Then she’s at a public hearing, decrying the woman who dared to take her husband to task for sexually abusing their daughters.

These theological doubters and decriers had questioned John the Baptist about the validity of his mission.

Not that I am decrying the ability of those chosen.

The group also decried the lack of critical press treatment in this country.

Walter is an appreciator and a describer, not an advocate and a decrier.

In 1656 his Provincial Letters decried the abuse of casuistry by Jesuits in Paris.

What better argument exists for decrying the acts of despots?

The bill’s critics decried it as a denigration of traditional marriage.

Plenty of critics have decried the flood of World War II games at one point or another.

Sadly, I now have more sympathy for the average embattled professional than his or her decrier.