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  • a person's death
  • conveyance or transfer of property or a title by demising
  • convey or grant (an estate) by will or lease
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Many experts, pro- and anti-gun, believe that if even one of the lawsuits had succeeded, it would have led to the demise of the handgun industry.

The demise of our fishing industry in recent years has resulted in constant high unemployment and emigration from our islands.

The courtier had, in essence, brought his own demise the moment he drew his sword on his own brother.

The young woman undergoes a transformation after Martin’s demise and comes to detest even daylight, staying in the darkness of her bungalow in a remote high-range hamlet.

As many as 600 ships a year carried away charcoal made from South Lakeland’s woods, but the demise of the industry and the coming of the railway in 1856 brought a dramatic decline.

Interest rate rises will impact on the recovery of the manufacturing industry, the demise of which is a key cause of the regional poverty exposed in your article.

After all, it’s human nature to avoid dealing with things that entail planning for your own demise.

I think the thing that drives these people are their characters, as in Greek tragedies, the fatal flaw of their characters, that either causes their demise or the demise of others.

The rapid demise of the quoted property company coincides with the equally rapid rise of interest in bricks and mortar by UK banks.

Then you will see the words: by these present demise and lease unto the lessee the natural surface of the land.

Although called a charge, the lender is deemed to be in the same position as if he had been granted a mortgage by demise.

First, where a landlord let premises by demise to a tenant, he was regarded as parting with all control over them.

She disagrees the license fee caused the network’s demise.

He said his ministry was concerned at the demise of industries in the country and would try to put up measures that would help resuscitate them.

Business analysts are now predicting the imminent demise of several important industries as a result of the abolition act.

His demise would not be as shocking as the death that has plunged his government into its most troubling crisis.

And that is the real story of the tragic demise of Liam Lawlor.

But those days are long gone and the demise of its heavy industry remains the most poignant reminder of the city’s former greatness.

From about April 1990 the issue whether the Yellow land was to be included in any demise dominated the exchanges between the parties.

Miners’ welfare clubs will be placed at the forefront of regenerating communities hit hard by the demise of the coal industry.

The sad demise of the innocent young men in tragic circumstances was no doubt tragic and will be mourned by not only their family and friends but the entire nation.

Another aspect of a tragic hero is an unwavering course of action, most likely caused by their flaw, that brings about their demise and the demise of those around them.

He believes the plan will play an important part in regenerating a town which has been in decline ever since the demise of the mining industry.

the demise of industry

These requirements can cause a major impact on a company’s business, and in some cases may lead to a company’s demise if not met properly.

He had to shift to Ludhiana to manage the shop here after the sudden demise of his father.

Obviously he did not believe that he occupied the box room as part of his demise.

Within the week, he and his Democratic colleagues in the Senate will contribute to the legislation’s demise.

Some 18 months ago Kelan survived a squeeze on the electronics industry which saw the demise of many other circuit board makers.