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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • express contempt for; ridicule.
Use the "Sentences" section of the app to practice with different usage examples of the word.


The painter proved once again yesterday that, while critics might deride it, the public can’t get enough of his work.

The worst thing you could do would be to laugh at him or deride him.

So I didn’t ridicule or deride contributions, and published most emails critical of me, my style, and my substance.

These questions are not meant to mock or deride anyone’s beliefs.

Critics deride him as a publicity hound and his combative character has alienated fellow lawyers in previous class actions.

He would mock and deride them relentlessly, not stopping until they cried.

How can I recommend a film that is not only ridiculed by most fans, but also derided by most of the stars of the film?

The other parties have derided the proposal as a plan for a “fantasy island”.

Some critics have derided his work as dumbed-down and self-aggrandising.

Why does the man of understanding not respond to the derider ? Because the derider will turn his derision on him or continue the original derision against him.

Wall Street has derided the decision to merge, giving the boards of both companies a sharp surprise.

Scotland’s newest soap opera has had a shaky start, derided by the critics for its wooden scripts and dull characters.

Four years ago, they were derided for raising proposals to decriminalise cannabis.

His nationalism was as expansive as his cosmopolitanism, and he railed in equal measure against the narrowness of native deriders of Scotland and the shallowness of Anglophobia.

Critics have derided the event as perpetuating a “tartan and shortbread” image.

Long derided by critics, he has fought artistic battles before.

Will the inane chatter so derided by blogging critics start to dry up?

Do you get tired of being derided and dismissed by many mainstream environmental leaders?

It has been derided by some critics as straying too far from historical fact in order to show a well-polished fiction.

For centuries women like me have been derided, scorned and ostracised.

Many food trends have come and gone since she became famous, and she remained unmoved, deriding the anti-butterfat lobby and other bores.

It is certainly not a quality that should be derided or dismissed as trite - it can be studied, and it can be learned.