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  • a clause in a will leaving real estate to someone
  • plan or invent (a complex procedure, system, or mechanism) by careful thought
  • leave (real estate) to someone by the terms of a will
Use the "Sentences" section of the app to practice with different usage examples of the word.


At the turn of the century, France produced most of the quality wine in the world, so it is no surprise that they were first to devise a system of protection.

Granby had to devise a system to help the identification of the individual face and associate the first person to recognise it as the winner immediately.

I proposed that an attempt be made to bring the two images closer and to devise mechanisms by which this rapprochement could be achieved.

It surely can’t be beyond the wit of 21st century man to devise swipecard systems that allow the identity of those receiving free meals to remain anonymous.

Nor do you devise names for our real estate projects.

All the residue of my estate, including real and personal property, I give, devise, and bequeath to Earlham College.

All persons of sound mind are competent to bequeath and devise real and personal estate, excepting infants and married women.

How might we devise a system that offers students a second chance but that doesn’t obfuscate reality or entice students to drop out?

To make things interesting, Damo suggested I devise a scoring system that awards points for certain achievements.

What is needed is for the industry to come together to devise a planned economy which benefits everyone, from owners to grooms, from racecourses to sponsors, from trainers to the bookmakers.

The issue, however, is whether the language of the devise of the Somerset Estate can fairly be interpreted so as to include the rights under the s.2 reverter.

Transfers of real property by inheritance or devise are not subject to the real estate excise tax.

When I was in my teens, my dad was working on devising his own system for blackjack.

We are also devising strategies to produce medicines from urine.

In this condition of the real estate of the granddaughter, the devisor made his will.

Riley devised a system for making a piece of music based on 53 small melodic cells.

In modern times, they are generally alienable, devisable and inheritable.

The ‘Northern Exposure’ project, according to its devisers, Box Architecture, was achieved “by the placement of three built forms creating six distinct spaces’ to manipulate light and provide functionality for a family home.

Each surviving devisee takes the share to which the devisee would have been entitled had the deceased devisees survived the testator.

Third, it provides an opportunity for effective user involvement, as the patients assist in devising their own care plan.

If someone had set about devising a system to kill off the market in non-executive directors, they couldn’t have trumped this effort.

It follows from this that Loring, at the time of his death, had no devisable estate in the land, and that the heirs of his devisee cannot maintain this suit.

An applicant’s failure to give information as required by this section is a breach of his duty to the heirs and devisees but does not affect the validity of the probate.

In this Act “inventor” in relation to an invention means the actual deviser of the invention and “joint inventor” shall be construed accordingly.

A devise of property conveys all the estate of a devisor unless it appears by his will that he intended to convey a lesser estate.

An unknown proportion of the bequests of land in the Bedfordshire wills may refer to property which was devisable by custom: the Bedfordshire testators were not scrupulous about recording the tenure of the property they bequeathed.

If passing by will, tenancy in common between devisees and survivor results.

Most states now allow even inter vivos transfers and nearly all treat them as devisable by will.

We make laws for the comfort of foreign investors; but are we slipping in devising a system for our own people?

This information was also intended to help provide the basis for devising policies for making reparation.