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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • having or showing care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties.
Use the "Sentences" section of the app to practice with different usage examples of the word.


This not only lets buyers see what has been done to the car and when, but it will also reassure them that you have been a diligent, careful owner.

It had taken its eye off the situation and its conduct was not as diligent and zealous as it should have been.

It will take time but diligent work and attention to detail will produce results over the next few years.

Acting is a craft, you have to be diligent and hard-working and learn your craft, but it’s also about talent.

I’m looking forward to a period of time when I can be a little more diligent in that area.

During general business, ethical investors were diligent in their questioning.

On behalf of the Minister I want to thank members of the committees for their diligent work on this bill.

The more important the document, the more diligent must be the search.

Examinations are an important part of the education system and must be done in a diligent and thorough manner.

Praise must go to all students for their hard work and diligent exam preparation.

I wish we could always be this diligent and active when it comes to what our governments are doing.

He is prone to injury, not particularly fast, and his defence is less than diligent.

So, much as I relish the phrase, I don’t think I really qualify as a particularly diligent diarist.

The late Matt was a diligent and industrious farmer and is the last of his family.

My eldest daughter is extremely diligent and settles down to her homework the minute we get home, but the little one is not so studious.

So you’ll have to be quite diligent when searching for a key, or certain item that you need to proceed.

These were quiet, diligent players, respected as much by their colleagues for their humility as their ability.

She is a diligent and committed officer, who goes far beyond the call of duty as treasurer.

I have had the pleasure of working with the most helpful, diligent, hardworking people.

With careful planning and diligent payments, even the worst rating can achieve absolution.

He diligently came to every student-run event and listened earnestly to our concerns.

A climber may work diligently and focus intensely for hours on end trying to reach the summit.

Still, I’m no saint and so I’ll diligently continue the monthly plan until I get into better habits.

How could they do their job conscientiously and diligently if they thought otherwise?

The main plan seems to be to work diligently and follow their instincts.