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  • (of a liquid) giving off bubbles; fizzy
  • vivacious and enthusiastic
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He raised his glass, looked at the clear, effervescent liquid with the light glinting invitingly through it, swirled it a little, inhaled approvingly, and took a cautious sip, but he didn’t swallow immediately.

It’s effervescent and sparkly, but like champagne it can become indigestible after prolonged exposure.

The effervescent and heady drink is retailed in two air-conditioned halls of this outlet, which is frequented by a growing segment of young professionals and students.

He is bubbly, effervescent, and clearly chock full of manic energy.

Paula’s distinctive art is everywhere, adding colour and a light-hearted atmosphere that reflects her effervescent personality.

It is a kind of effervescent drink that you make by adding water to the crystals and it is supposed to ‘pick you up’ and get you ready to go when you have had too much to drink the night before.

Yet, along with the soaring voices and jaunty hand-clapping of La La La Song, Low seem in effervescent, ebullient mood.

The original root beer was a low-alcohol, naturally effervescent drink made by fermenting a blend of sugar and yeast with various roots, herbs and barks, such as sarsaparilla, sassafras, wild cherry, wintergreen, vanilla and ginger.

The effervescent and downright bubbly host has evolved from just another flirtatious cable TV personality into a globe-trotting media mogul.

Monica will bring to these concerts the fruits of her demanding approach in rehearsal, her natural virtuosity as a player and her effervescent, charismatic musicianship.