Remember The Text



  • contemplate or conceive of as a possibility or a desirable future event
  • reduced in force, effect, or physical thickness
Use the "Sentences" section of the app to practice with different usage examples of the word.


If this is so, it is difficult not to envisage the death-rate substantially increasing.

I didn’t envisage this would be a problem, but I was wrong.

In these circumstances it is difficult to envisage anyone using their law or medical degree for benevolent reasons.

Nobody can know what kind of world will result from the interplay of these forces, but it is possible to envisage plausible futures.

Living the student lifestyle, it becomes difficult to envisage yourself in a ‘normal’ routine.

Frankly, it’s difficult to envisage him being nearly as influential in any role other than that of the focal point of the attack.

With a user base of over one million people, it is difficult to envisage a way in which this difficulty can be overcome.

Regardless of the outcome, it is difficult to envisage the resumption of business as usual afterwards.

She would then envisage what the desired final print should look like and expose the negative accordingly.

A large, whitewashed house just yards from a white beach and a little stone harbour, it is difficult to envisage a more perfect location.

I do not pretend to be able to envisage all the various possibilities.

In most of the tapestries that we see in museums or country houses the dyes have faded badly and it is difficult to envisage the impact they had when first hung.

Ninety per cent of the 162 submissions opposed the nationwide introduction of e-voting as currently envisaged .

He explained that he envisages himself working there for the next 25 years.

The parliament’s planners originally envisaged that the specialist glazing would cost £1. 8m.

The plan also envisages the establishment of eight district councils working under the Provisional Council.

She envisaged a future where borders between the two countries would become irrelevant.

The plan also envisages the creation of a trading company which would covenant all profits back to the parent company.

We got it far more wrong than we ever envisaged at the time.

He should have envisaged what would happen to him after insulting her sister.

The issue is envisaged in the 2002 budget.

I have difficulty really envisaging how that could have happened.

The scheme envisages a new bus station, shops and 100 homes, with some leisure and offices.

Another idea envisages the creation of a national investment fund under the supervision of the regional development ministry.

Overall, the day was great success and it is envisaged that similar events will be held in the future.

The document envisages the creation of 240 000 jobs to permanently reduce unemployment to below 10 per cent.

Nevertheless, he said that the project is envisaged to be a success.

Indeed it is envisaged that in the future it could also be used for clinics by consultants.

Neither the safety regulations nor risk factor calculations had envisaged the possibility of this type of accident.

Two of the 15 constitutional drafts envisaged the establishment of a national ombudsman as a constitutional institution.