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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • having or showing great knowledge or learning.
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It is very nice to be in the company of intelligent, reasoned and erudite people in these threads.

Third, they can be very dynamic and persuasive, even erudite and intellectual.

In this case there have been endless erudite discussions about the advantages or otherwise of the long flowing trace for plaice fishing.

But, such debates could attract only limited number of people and erudite scholars.

We are a highly sophisticated and erudite population and we just seem to take everything on the chin.

At the other pole are specialist intellectuals who are involved in erudite discussions with other intellectuals.

The support and services of erudite scholars must be mobilised so that the manuscripts could be brought out in the form of books.

These knowledge filled stories are written and directed by erudite geniuses.

If my memory fails me, no doubt one of your erudite readers will enlighten me.

This was not the only reason the erudite scholar refused to engage in a debate with Norris.

The speakers in translation are erudite, witty, informed, expert.

The matter of UK versus US English continues to provoke erudite and informed opinion.

But he is also very erudite, scholarly, and has lots of fresh ideas.

He is an educated, erudite man who came home and never let the country get to him.

The Clinton debate was, it turned out, an unusually erudite discussion.

He is erudite, he is intelligent, and he is totally wrong when he comes to interpreting this legislation.

He is one of the most erudite scholars of Islam in modern times.

But it was gripping and clever and fantastically erudite, and people became a little obsessed.

The money that comes from media exposure can blind even the most erudite scholars.

The era of the erudite, intelligent thriller, it would seem, is upon us.

But rather than chronologically write about this search, Giscombe eruditely riffs back and forth across time and terrain.

He was a brave and energetic traveller, an art historian of astonishing erudition, and a profoundly perceptive connoisseur of civilisations.

If Ms. Singh truly believes that plagiarism took place, why was there not a single reference to a line, paragraph or “whole chunks” as she so eruditely puts it?

Anyone wishing a general introduction to this fascinating period and one which is told with erudition and understanding should look no further.

Look at these pieces: like all of his political writing, it’s spectacularly well-informed and researched, eloquently and eruditely written, and advocates a unique opinion.

They are the product of complex histories that the writer eruditely recounts with an enviable lightness of touch.

It’s meant to lend a spirit of Everyman inquiry and thoughtful erudition to the proceedings.

To common people, impressed by his learning, erudition and experience, all this looks puzzling.

It was an assured display of political and cultural erudition, a depth of knowledge of the past in all its social and ethical forms.

Nor is a rigid systematic approach to leader development the right answer, as the authors eruditely demonstrate.