Remember The Text



  • a short extract from a film, broadcast, or piece of music or writing.
  • take (a short extract) from a text.
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This is an excerpt from a piece that originally appeared in Philadelphia City Paper.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece and here’s a news story that summarizes a little of what he said.

When we excerpt full chapters, we often put the book’s color jacket online to help increase readers’ interest.

The first scene is ‘imagination, guesswork, contrivance’; the second is an accurate excerpt from her writing.

The piece features an excerpt from All Moonshine, a captivating, expressive work exploring metamorphosis that Yoshioka brought to Montreal in 2000.

During this resting period participants listened to quiet music; then, the film excerpt was presented.

I’ll excerpt the book first before trying to explain myself.

Thank you.… where your Honour sees three excerptions from the relevant provisions.

This article is excerpted from a much longer essay analyzing the role of Identity Politics in Feminist and Lesbian communities.

In a related side-note, I downloaded excerpted chapters from Zeldman’s Web Standards Book.

This article is excerpted from ‘Ranches, Rowhouses, and Railroad Flats,’ by Christine Hunter.

This article is excerpted from his acceptance speech.

A newscaster later told viewers some of the excerpts had previously been broadcast.

The document excerpts material from several digital photography books published by the excellent Peachpit Press, and includes quite a few good tips.

This article is excerpted from their forthcoming book, Surviving Galeras, to be published this month by Houghton Mifflin.

Her ‘reading list’ includes magazine articles, excerpts from books, film clips, recorded music, and cartoons.

This article is excerpted from his forthcoming book Ehyeh: A Kabbalah for Tomorrow to be published by Jewish Lights.

First, my favourite academic Mark Kaplan has added another blog to his roster, this one a Critical Dictionary excerpting informative texts to explain apparently difficult concepts in continental philosophy.

This article is excerpted from Poetry as Survival, to be published by the University of Georgia Press this year in its Life of Poetry series.

The good people at National Review Online have excerpted a chapter from Steven’s book, dealing with the insurgents.

The essay was about black women singers, particularly jazz and blues singers, and what I did was read excerpts from the essay and play corresponding pieces of music by the artists mentioned.

He’d only read small excerpts from her previous writing, and she was still in the process of entering her prime.

This essay is excerpted from her current project, a book-length study of spatial constructions of race and gender identity.

This article is excerpted from Green Architecture by James Wines, with permission of the publisher, Taschen Books.

It’s from Departures magazine, and I’m featured in the magazine, which the online article is excerpted from.

This article is excerpted from a speech Bernard Stein gave a 2002 National Writers Conference in Wilmington, Delaware.

We have three-well known filmmakers in John Weiley, David Bradbury and Cathy Henkel who will be personally introducing and screening excerpts from their films.

Now the former POW is trying to set the record straight with a new book, excerpted in this ‘TIME’ cover story.

This essay is excerpted from Joan of Arc: A Penguin Life.

Between the sound transmitter and the Baird plant is the film projection theatre, or miniature cinema, in which film excerpts can be selected and timed for inclusion in the transmissions.