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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • invent or concoct (something), typically with deceitful intent.
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you will have to fabricate an exhaust system

The fact that our enemies allegedly fabricate similar evidence of wrongdoing on our part absolves us of responsibility to reveal true, unfabricated evidence.

Contractors will fabricate and test advanced structural components to failure to validate performance relative to predicted performance.

She did not try to invent or fabricate some explanation.

Bryan is paranoid that police are dishonest and will fabricate evidence against him, Mr Hemsley said.

Only master craftsmen could design and fabricate such a product.

The microwave area has naturally been most productive, because the metamaterials required are easier to fabricate.

They have also used what they describe as a more sophisticated nozzle assembly to fabricate similarly sized microcapsules in which a drug core is surrounded by a biodegradable polymer shell.

The contract duration is 53 months to design, fabricate and test 3 production representative systems.

Most of the tungsten used thus far in aerospace applications has been in the unalloyed form, which is much easier and less expensive to produce and fabricate.

Still, it’d be difficult for me to fabricate enough new products to fill a whole column.

Pressures or signs of weakness faced steel fabricators, fabric producers and industrial chemical makers.

A camera system has been designed and fabricated based upon the above concept.

When Bryant’s lawyer cross-examines his accuser, and later, when the defense puts on its case, the defense attorney will want to provide evidence to the jury suggesting she is fabricating her claim.

The aircraft was designed in Ohio and partially fabricated and assembled in New Jersey.

Lawrence was found to have fabricated evidence to the Royal Commission.

If evidence was indeed fabricated, this may well have been where it was done.

In a world that is gradually fabricated around us, fashion and social acceptability are handed down ready-made.

I would suggest that Fisk is the target of ridicule because he ignores evidence that doesn’t support his ideology and fabricates evidence that does, all the while masquerading as a reporter when he’s really an opinion writer.

Finally, new shapes have been fabricated with blocks of crystals.

“The author is an admitted fabricator,” Keller wrote, according to the Times.

They also charged the prosecution had fabricated evidence during the corruption trial.

The sculptor fabricates nearly all his pieces in his studio by welding together metal plates.

He went on to accuse the witnesses of fabricating the evidence against the accused.

Having grown over the years, the company is now recognized as one of the industry’s premier designers and fabricators of engineered, high-temperature, corrosion-resistant alloy components.

I have absolute confidence that they were not fabricating their evidence.

A relatively new process to reduce the costs of fabricating components from these materials is metal injection molding.

But last week, Archer was found guilty of having fabricated evidence in that case.

If, however, I believed that Mr. Wemyss had fabricated his evidence on this I would be more concerned.

Frequently these informants were simply adolescents seeking to frighten peers or parents, by fabricating evidence of cult ritual.