Remember The Text



  • (of a sight, smell, or sound) barely perceptible
  • lose consciousness for a short time because of a temporarily insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain
  • (of a sight, smell, or sound) barely perceptible
  • weak and dizzy; close to losing consciousness
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She collapsed to the ground in a dead faint, and Vixen caught her as she fell.

Others simply dropped to the ground in a dead faint, overwhelmed by Darkstorm’s rage.

His tenure closed with a win at Hampden, but it was a hollow victory as faint hopes of qualification for the next World Cup were extinguished.

Only rain could have rescued the home side and a light cloud cover may have raised faint hopes of a miracle but it was all over after India had bowled just 12 balls.

Geneva was beginning to faint from lack of oxygen, and when he let go of her, she fell to the floor, desperately trying to see who was fighting the men to save her.

With a minute to go, Henry pulled his fifth and final foul and left the court, taking with him Kingston’s faint hope of winning the game.

I would have started yelling and hooting with glee in his face, but I was in bed in a dead faint while he was thrown out.

Even now, years later, with a little help from my imagination I can open up that suitcase and still smell their faint aroma.

Finally another man went down to check and found him weak and faint from exertion and lack of air.

Jane awakens again later in the afternoon, faint with hunger and still numb from emotion.

On a small, precarious headland the faint traces of a monastic cell can be seen.

All of the marks on the sides are very faint.

I have to go… the incense, it’s making me faint.

The multiple shocks to body and mind sent his wounded psyche catapulting down the dark tunnel to oblivion in a dead faint.

He had short black hair and a very faint black moustache, a London accent and a thin build.

If that seems like faint praise… well, it is.

As I get closer, there’s a faint gleam behind the stained-glass windows of the 13th-century abbey.

Bren didn’t hear, dizzy and faint from the nausea and endless retching.

Don’t go if you faint at the sight of blood.

I saw a faint glimmer of hope; a chance to derail the topic.

The first time he had drunk it he had been violently sick, then had fallen to the ground in a dead faint as the mildly poisonous root exploded through his system.

All she could do was stumble over to her cot and drop in a dead faint.

As soon as the kiss ended, Jane collapsed in a dead faint on the front steps.

He gave a loud, startling, heart-wrenching cry and fell backwards in a dead faint.

All the while he is in faint hope he can make it home to his beloved.

Everyone in the crowd gasped and Miss Moss fell over in a dead faint with poor little Mr. Goodman to catch her stout figure.

Suddenly Tina let out a high-pitched wail, jumped from her cot and collapsed in a dead faint onto the floor.

The only sound is the faint whisper of the air-conditioning.

The sound was so faint untrained ears could have barely heard it.

Today’s results extinguished their faint hopes that they could prise back control of the Senate.