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  • start to lose strength or momentum
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‘My brother, Rufus,’ Regina said with a tone that seemed to falter as she gazed up at Baldwin with a serious look on her face.

This is the one hurdle at which most listeners coming in hope, tend to falter and often lose heart and turn away.

Labor’s momentum may falter.

Her feet made slight shifts as they momentarily lost footing, but she did not stop, did not falter in her forward momentum, heading toward the East River.

Cultural shifts are long-term and if they lose momentum they can falter altogether.

Even at this late stage, it is possible that his candidacy will falter.

Labor’s momentum may falter, the “It’s time’ factor may not have the necessary lift either.

Contrary to many expectations, he didn’t falter or even hesitate.

That is not to say we won’t fail, falter or lose sight of our intentions.

If she noticed this, she didn’t falter and kept moving holding his hand tight.

His steps falter ; the dancers seem to embrace him but they let go and he falls.

It would be a great shame if the momentum were to falter at the last moment.

There are plenty of you but don’t get cocky - if one of you falters we’ll lose our hold.

She reached out a hand, falteringly, and touched his face wonderingly, as if in a dream.

The magistrate of the divorce court peered down curiously as the aged couple approached the bench, their steps faltering and uncertain.

The bride, who was by tradition slightly late for the ceremony, faltered as she spoke in front of family, friends and celebrities.

We probably falter unless our choices instinctively prove inherent qualities, be they serious or flippant.

She turned to him in surprise, her steps faltering.

She often falters or delays her answers when she is asked questions about being Indonesian: the nationality, the country and its history.

This comment caught Maria off guard, and her steps faltered.

My steps faltered as I stalked slower and slower from the building.

They could probably make it as a comedy duo if the music career falters.

He faltered when he lost his faith in capitalist catastrophe and the workers’ revolution.

We all clearly understood that if the critical film processing step faltered in any way the entire endeavor would degenerate into a nightmare.

Christopher clenched his jaw and sent a fleeting glance toward the heavens, his step never faltering.

He falters, stammers, falls back on grand anachronisms and speaks with a thick accent.

She faltered in her step and almost fell down the stairs.

She was concentrating on how many ways there were for him not to be on this road that she didn’t notice that the traffic was so heavy the cars were going much slower then she was, even if she was breathing heavily, her steps faltering.

Aimee smiled falteringly and started the first of many, many conversations.

He hesitated once more on the cracked front step, peering in vain at the dark windows, and finally knocked falteringly.