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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • (especially of an animal) in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication.
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How long before the novelty wears off, and that kitten ends up another feral cat?

The impact of both domestic and feral cats on small native animal wildlife and birds is a controversial issue in Australia.

His hunting skills have also been used for the control of feral pigs in Hawaii, where he has advised on the use and training of dogs.

A labour-intensive programme of trapping will reduce the numbers of stoats and feral cats.

The deer, sheep and feral goats obviously appreciated the route through the forest too.

A pack of feral dogs lived among the heaps of dirt for a time, scavenging among empty beer cans and shopping trolleys.

The citizens of southern California are debating the balance between feral cats versus dirty rats.

It was the rather feral need to destroy the one that had threatened his space.

This is a high, wild and remote spot, home to feral goats, red deer and golden eagle.

He rates predation by feral cats and foxes as the single biggest threat to native animals in the Territory.

The feral young man snarled at them and snapped back, just as they did.

If, however, the cat and kitten are feral, you might consider keeping the kitten.

Her eyes are partially closed as she lies there panting, the remains of a feral snarl becoming a sated smile.

Suddenly a pack of skinny Malaysian dogs shot onto the lawns below, chasing a feral cat.

Yet the toxic environment of a feral city potentially poses uniquely severe threats.

Apparently rural hunters use dogs to hunt down and kill feral pigs.

The electricians will have to watch out for snakes in the water, wild animals and feral dogs.

However, even such developed states as Brazil face the threat of feral cities.

Now the sheer cliffs are inhabited by choughs, golden eagles, feral goats and basking seals.

Yet another difference will be the level and nature of the security threat posed by a feral city.

Animal rights activists object to euthanizing stray and feral cats at either place.

Thankfully, a new campaign has been launched to help secure protection for feral goats around Ireland.

She said previously the feral cats kept down the numbers of rats and mice on farms.

As the Carter family drive across the desert wastes of America, a feral family of savage cannibals attacks them.

Somehow they know to elude predators - birds, crabs and feral cats - to reach the sea.

The activists were protesting plans by the hospital to trap up to 75 feral cats and turn them over to a local animal pound.

While thousands of acres have been fenced in, much of the land is idle and feral cats and foxes have breached fence lines.