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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • abandon (someone or something).
Use the "Sentences" section of the app to practice with different usage examples of the word.


If you can forsake your fundamental principles for any reason then you are not the kind of person who can take the country forward.

He definitely needs to cut back, but he doesn’t have to forsake his principles to do that.

Will the one who brought them into the land abandon and forsake them now?

But their hi-tech approach doesn’t forsake the old values.

I won’t forsake my vegetarian principles

he would never forsake Tara

But at some point in life, you must abandon books, forsake the forewarning words of others, and find out for yourself.

Gregarious from the start, the only time he is alone is in his death, the awfulness of which is an enforced loneliness and forsakenness without any way of a transcendent escape.

If back in ‘64 the system seemed to have abandoned and forsaken people, what of now?

Not until the forsaker has become the forsaken will there be any forward movement or actions taken responsibility for.

The track counsels people to guard against forsaking their traditional values for foreign ones.

Into the dark and unfriendly ocean of forsakenness my spirit sank in despair as my shattered life lay before my eyes like a horror too incomprehensible to understand.

The little creature had brought the warmth and security of her childhood back to her for a fleeting moment, and now, once again, she was abandoned and forsaken.

And for the most part societies and, indeed, entire cultures have disapproved of that kind of story which offers an unalleviated picture of human forsakenness.

They allow us to shout out our forsakenness in the dark caverns of abandonment.

Abandoned by their father, forsaken by neighbors, Bolas and the children kept vigil over their mother.

There is much to convince us of the desolation and forsakenness of life.

She forsook her suitors and renounced the comforts of her family home.