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  • a pleasant, sweet smell
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To toast, place the spice mix in a bone dry frying pan and heat it until warm and you can smell the fragrance.

I plucked a stem of vale-lily and held its tiny white bells to my nose, inhaling the sweet fragrance.

All agreed that it was okay to be able to smell a woman’s fragrance if she was close to them, but not if she was on the other side of the room.

It added a pleasant, subtle fragrance to the dessert and left just a trace of its flavour in the banana/caramel mix.

It has a pleasant, sweet fragrance and is lightly laced, ruffled and fluted pale pink.

the bushes fill the air with fragrance

the fragrance of fresh-ground coffee

There is nothing like the sweet fragrance of a vase of sweet peas in the house.

men who don’t customarily wear fragrance

Nature blossoms and blooms and fills the air with a warm, sweet fragrance that we all embrace.

Kate took the rose and brought it to her nose, breathing in the sweet fragrance.

Sometimes, one can smell the fragrance of lit joss sticks wafting from the windows.

the bushes fill the air with fragrance

He answers that he was compared to a sweet smelling fragrance that stays in the corner of a room and does not spread.

We include testing notes with your fragrance oil order so that they are handy while you are making soap.

The colour of the room, the fragrance, the clean smell of the white sheets, what an ambience!

Now would be the right time to relaunch the perfume line or to launch a new fragrance.

The sweet fragrance of white roses and lilies - the Princess’s favourite blooms - filled the air.

The light fragrance permeating the autumn air will make you feel intoxicated.

A sweet fragrance spritzed on your pulse points will make him move in a little closer.

As he settled himself into it a fragrance of sweet summer grass, clover and lavender came up around him.

He put his nose closer and smelt it, nodding at the pleasant fragrance.

I love perfume and have about four fragrances on rotation - daytime, evening, summer and winter.

For many, the use of fragrances like perfume, cologne, after-shave or scented lotion is a personal choice affecting only the user.

His father had been fascinated by the chemical bases of scents, particularly the floral fragrances used in making perfumes, and he often worked in a home laboratory.

Due to open in February, the new store will offer a wide range of health and beauty products, cosmetics, fine fragrances and toiletries.

His fragrances are done in perfume, perfumed oil, eau de toilette, splash, and body products.

Even those with no asthmatic history may begin to have attacks after becoming “sensitized’ to the chemicals in fragranced products.

Often, men’s fragrances are pushed into the background, sometimes not considered a viable market.