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  • a mass of small bubbles in liquid caused by agitation, fermentation, etc.; foam
  • worthless or insubstantial talk, ideas, or activities
  • form or contain a rising or overflowing mass of small bubbles
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her skirt swirled in a froth of black lace

Nowadays, with our quasi-continental ways, we want froth on top.

skim off any surface froth

The editorials too often were equivocal; the Saturday edition gravitated towards froth and bubble where lifestyle matters ruled and the Business Section was in radical need of surgery.

An active and informed public is the true guardian of freedom and democracy, and the posturing of politicians mere bubble and froth along the way.

Tilt each glass and pour the remaining champagne in a dribble down the inside of the glasses, so that you minimise the froth and maximise the bubbles.

The galaxy itself is turning, as shown in the example in the photograph, sort of like the spiraling froth on the top of a cup of cocoa after it’s been stirred.

Sometimes the patient will only drink the froth on the top of a brew.

Many books that are superficially history books are easily detected as political propaganda or inspirational froth.

The two unsigned singer/songwriters embarked on performances that reassured the music, faithful that beneath the commercial froth there’s some real talent nestled right here in south Wales.

There’s lots more top quality speculation and opportunistic froth where this came from.

The video has shots of chicken waste being dumped into the stream and effluent gushing into the river and whipping up white froth that covers the surface of the water.

users found it easy to froth milk for cappuccino

To finish the sauce, using an immersion blender, froth the sauce until foamy, add the crayfish meat, and set aside keeping warm.

The syrup will begin to froth and bubble and will gradually turn a golden color.

He had almost finished this particular cow and the bucket was full almost to the brim, in fact some of the deep froth (the sign of a good milker) was almost but not quite spilling over.

White bubbles of froth jostle on the head of my pint of beer.

leave the yeast until there is a good head of froth

Obviously I’m aware my contribution, such as it is, isn’t particularly substantial but I think that froth has its place and I work hard to do my job well.

But along the way, as this new commercial revolution develops, there will be plenty of froth and lots of bubbles.

But it would be an obtuse reader who dismissed her books as mere froth, who failed to see beneath the humour to the sleeping monster that periodically wakens and roars darkly through the comedy.

It just goes to show that perhaps there may be a bit too much froth and not quite enough substance in the so-called high growth coffee market.

Chris on the other hand was silent as she watched the wooden stirring stick turn the white froth on top of her latté the caramel brown of the coffee.

Normal bubble baths will froth excessively with whirlpools and must not be used.

Is this anything more than a high school clique driven by some clever technology and piggybacking on a resurgence of late - 90s internet froth ?

A minute later, the water began to boil and froth at the edge of the pier.

Use immersion blender or cappuccino machine steam attachment to froth the carrot foam mixture.

the froth of party politics

Briskly froth the mixture with a small metal whisk or bamboo tea whisk until a blanket of foam coats the top, like an espresso.

An integrated steam sprout can be used to froth milk for cappuccino or hot chocolate and a hot water spout for making tea or single cups of coffee.