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  • an act of using the hands clumsily while doing or handling something
  • use the hands clumsily while doing or handling something
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Former defensive end Bob Dee recovered a fumble in the endzone in the Patriots’ first preseason game on July 30, 1960.

I made a major fumble last night in modifying the journal files and creating a new one for the day’s new entry.

After spending seventeen minutes in blackness, trying to fumble the lock of the cellar open, Jack Moore kicked the door open with a curse and began climbing the stairs.

The Cobbydale side took the late after 17 minutes when matt Bowness pounced on a fumble from the full back and John Williams added the conversion.

He registered eight tackles, had two sacks, recovered a fumble and blocked a field goal - all despite being blocked most of the game by a tackle and tight end.

just one fumble during a tyre change could separate the winners from the losers

The ball bounced in front of Scott Carson, who should have saved comfortably but could only fumble the ball over the line off his upper arm.

And the ref is ‘part of the field,’ which makes this a - fumble!

Worst of all, Burress did the same thing just two years ago and on that play, the officials ruled the ball a fumble .

Tennessee had just recovered a fumble at midfield late in the third quarter of its playoff game against the Patriots.

On the next play, special teams got into the act, forcing a fumble by John Simon and setting up a field goal for a seven-point lead at the half.

Culpepper made two critical mistakes - a fumble on the goal line and, to a lesser extent, the game-ending interception.

In two preseason games, he returned a fumble for a touchdown (before a penalty nullified the play), and he blocked a punt for a safety.

They tell Suggs that he better pitch the ball back if he recovers a fumble or intercepts a pass, but he doesn’t seem to listen.

By now you know all the terminology, but you don’t know if a bouncing ball is a fumble until you watch it on replay from five different angles.

It takes some skill to pull the pitch off because if you do it with any little bit of mistiming you will fumble the ball away.

his fumble was recovered on the 6-yard line

just one fumble during a tire change could separate the winners from the losers

I lost sight of him among the trees, but what I did see made me fumble my cigarette into my lap.

I’ve met some reasonably powerful people in the world, and there’s usually an aura that is quite difficult to crack, and you fumble for your words.

to fumble for sth

have you ever seen him fumble a ball?

Saxton had been guilty of a bad fumble early in the half but it seemed to spur him on and he showed good strength to power his way over after cutting back in from the right.

he recovered a fumble after a bad exchange

Yeah, the instructions make it so simple that even a child can go through it confidently, without a falter nor a fumble.

He threw two interceptions vs. Denver and lost a fumble after simply dropping the ball while running.

He opened the scoring with a penalty and made the most of a firth fumble to race 80 metres up field, and add the conversion.

a fumble from the keeper caused the third goal

He registered two sacks, blocked a field goal and recovered a fumble.

He stripped the ball from Bulger and caught the fumble for a touchdown to help the Atlanta Falcons beat the St. Louis Rams 34-17.