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  • incapable of producing any useful result; pointless
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So it’s a futile effort to try to climb up to God, which is why he sent his son to be our savior.

it’s futile to go on

his efforts to find a job proved futile

resistance is futile

Resistance was futile, and over time many grew to love their new mechanical master.

It will be futile and fruitless, but at least it will voice my opinion and ease some of my frustrations.

I could get so accustomed to his company, which is futile since he heads away late next week.

It is futile because we cannot fully join the ranks and chase what is called the American Dream.

She is given a terminal diagnosis and told treatment is futile by a consultant as soon as the results are revealed.

If the West’s behaviour is futile, it is because the tide of history is against it.

it’s a futile cause

Everyone could sense it was futile, but at least for half an hour they got a chance at some semblance of competition.

You shift from one leg to the other, but know that that is a fairly futile attempt to relieve your discomfort.

All attempts to coax him to play with educational toys proved painful and futile.

A lack of evidence in absence of harm cannot be interpreted as useless or futile.

His men made repeated but ultimately futile attempts to retrieve his body from no-man’s land.

Although residents put up pockets of resistance, their attempts were largely futile.

Tourism should not be allowed to become another football for the tiresome and futile political arena.

I am sorry that I missed my chance this evening to register my protest, futile though it would have been.

Worrying over the results after the exam is a futile exercise as you cannot alter the result.

They do not show an act of suicide but an attempt, however futile, to escape death.

I glanced carelessly at the door, in a futile attempt to change the subject.

Such is the nature of journalism and it is perhaps futile to bemoan it.

Therefore, the whole political campaign against the extreme right is futile.

Most days at least one gets itself stuck in the house, usually trying valiantly but ultimately futilely to fly through one of our closed windows.

In its place stands the conviction of the futility of life; of the awareness of existence in a dark room.

And I did spend a lot of time futilely trying to talk to the FBI press office about the flight.

I tried futilely to cling to the last fragments of a fading dream and go back to sleep when several more explosions followed.

With each retelling, the story of the men who died gloriously but futilely just a few miles from help has seemed increasingly ridiculous.

The narrator then steps in to comment on the pointlessness and futility of life on earth before the credits roll.