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  • an item of clothing
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The sarong is the national garment of Malayia, though not restricted to that area.

Both men and women wear a long inner shirt over a pant-like garment, both made out of wool.

Smaller segments of the garment industry that depend more highly on exports will face even higher losses.

It was really only a matter of time before we did away with the garment altogether.

Then the stitch lines had to be sealed to ensure that the garment is waterproof.

Morphing is a modern fashion trend that allows the wearer to use a garment in more than one way.

Wash your garment with care and avoid scrubbing excessively to prevent damaging it.

Expect to wear a compression garment for up to a month, but you can likely return to work in two weeks.

a windproof outer garment

In recent years industrial growth has occurred primarily in the garment and textile industries.

He and his wife both work in a factory producing garments for a UK clothing shop.

The old man of about sixty was dressed in his official garments and sported a short, white beard.

Looser garments can make you look stumpy, so opt for a fit that is trim rather than baggy.

Coats and trimmed garments have begun reappearing at fashion shows and on the covers of magazines such as Vogue.

A stunning fashion show displayed garments styled by famous Thai designers.

All the dresses and garments were well made, but I just can’t see the theme of this collection.

He made a machine to make the ply and the family made woollen garments for the boys in the merchant navy.

Money cannot buy style, but it can buy you the following chic garments and accessories.

However old you are, every woman needs five fashion garments to form the basis of her wardrobe.

Junior clothing offers a wallop of trendy style but the garments are cut small for a junior figure.

Instead, look for garments with a bit of contour to add volume to your midsection.