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  • (of a person) showing a readiness to give more of something, as money or time, than is strictly necessary or expected.
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I’ve knew him to be generous to a fault.

It was a generous and humane impulse that has brought huge benefits to this country.

“Few people realise how generous she was to the students,” he said.

The move would make the 61-year-old tycoon one of Britain’s most generous benefactors.

All four bedrooms are generous in size with all rooms boasting built-in wardrobes.

Thank you to everyone who’s been generous with advice or information.

You talk about helping others and being generous and kind and thoughtful to your fellow human beings and you do it.

All were consumed all too quickly and left me wanting more because the portions were not overly generous.

He was generous with his time, but there was no free ice cream.

Tim was noted at all times for his generous, caring and compassionate nature.

It is generous with rumours and not always scrupulous about sources.

This was a very generous portion, of smooth, rich, creamy pate with a sweet onion jam.

Irish people and in particular Westport people have been so very generous in their support for us.

The ads are clearly labeled, obvious and generous in size.

Put the oil and vinegar into a small dish, season it with salt (I think you can be quite generous here) and some black pepper.

You are generous with family and associates offering praise wherever deserved.

He wanted to pay his debts but here was a person too generous to let him.

he got a generous applause

He was a great neighbour and generous friend and his kind nature and good humour endeared him to many.

Sprinkle, as you go, with generous pinches of flaky sea salt and vigorous twists of freshly ground black pepper.

She was incredibly generous with her money, showering those she loved with gifts.

But he’s generous with his time, his anecdotes, and especially his funny voices.

We were in agreement that the food was good, and the portions generous.

Nothing wrong ever came of being generous with your money, and he had enough to share.

they were generous about my bad French

Here in Seville, he is as charming, eccentric and as generous of spirit as ever.

I think they would have been more generous in their praise of this performance had they heard it.

We had a wonderful time and his family and friends were kind and generous toward me.

From the Scots there was a split verdict, leavened with generous helpings of resignation.

she cut a generous slice of bread