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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • uncalled for; lacking good reason; unwarranted.
  • given or done free of charge.
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And indeed, it’s hard to imagine a device that inflicts more gratuitous damage on the environment.

Extreme violence, at times gratuitous, is a recurring motif in his early films.

He will be shown gratuitous sex and graphic violence, hidden behind innuendo and called a romantic comedy.

It is extremely painful to watch and yet the violence is never gratuitous.

Is the film a gratuitous violence fest or maybe just a blatant metaphor for how greed corrupts?

This is gratuitous violence, sick, bone-crunching, vicious and obscene.

Graphic, gratuitous sex is as commonplace as graphic, gratuitous violence and no-one bats an eyelid.

In other words, humour should be neither gratuitous nor excessive, but judicious.

These licences are essentially gratuitous, since if any charge was made for them, they would be regarded as contractual.

There are people who turn out for these things solely to indulge in a bit of gratuitous violence, hoping it’ll spread.

His death seemed so gratuitous, so uncalled for, that at first I couldn’t figure out why it was in the film.

I was unimpressed by the litany of self - destruction, violence and gratuitous sexism.

They were gratuitous volunteers, not bona fide purchasers for value without notice.

And no films with gratuitous violence, nudity or profanity were allowed.

It was a voluntary and gratuitous offer by the chambers to provide education and training.

I don’t think there’s an audience for gratuitous blasphemy or for gratuitous swearing - because it’s boring.

These are the people who like to censor rap lyrics and condemn gratuitous violence, and the violence here seems pretty gratuitous.

We are not aware of any cases in which the nonlawyer provider of gratuitous legal advice, such as to a friend or relative, was charged under these laws.

Now, the only thing left to talk about is all of the gratuitous violence, which will certainly be a hot topic, no matter how well the film does.

This adaptation will have its critics, and it’ll be hard to answer their accusations of gratuitous violence.

The violence was gratuitous and appalling, but the film could be dismissed as essentially cartoonish.

The violence gets fairly gratuitous, but again, depending on your taste, maybe that’s a selling point.

Once you’ve got over all the rampant misogyny and gratuitous, comic-book violence, it’s an entertaining night in.

The gratuitous gossip included claims of domestic violence, adultery and abusive relationships.

Court employees should cite this Principle when pressed by those seeking gratuitous legal advice.

What is behind the riot of words, the exaggeration of images, their total gratuitousness?

I love the gratuitousness, the unnecessariness, the blood.

Free speech does not mean having the right gratuitously to offend others, he said.

But when virtuosity is not elevated by the power of a dramatic situation, the outcome, brilliant though it may be, suffers from dryness, a victim of its gratuitousness.

“It was bellicose and gratuitously insulting language to the majority of people on this island who want to see a peaceful future,” he said.