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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • arrogantly superior and disdainful.
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After he finishes something he imagines particularly clever, he ends up looking smug and haughty.

Guys showing off their bulging biceps, big sideburns and carrying a haughty look are out.

They grew haughty in their scorn, vain of their beauty, proud of their long life.

When she first meets people Penny is conceited and haughty.

Towards the other wives and their children she was always extremely imperious, haughty and pretentious.

He would be stuck up, haughty and stubborn most likely, but she knew that he was in her immediate future.

She was unlike most nobles he had met; even as beautiful as she was, she was not haughty and vain.

He was haughty, erratic, self-obsessed and his violin-playing was atrocious.

She looked down at him, a haughty and imperious expression on her little face.

At the risk of sounding haughty, I would say that the art is mediocre.

Her demeanor was proud and haughty, and her stance bespoke power and determination.

He walks with a quick sure gait and the self-confidence of a haughty personage.

In reality, Fawzia was more shy than cold, and she certainly wasn’t arrogant or haughty.

One has a look of perplexed surprise; the other, a haughty indifference.

He stoops to sign in, then turns to the friend with an expression of haughty disdain.

Cyclists feel aggrieved that they run the gauntlet of motorised traffic, which they also regard with haughty contempt.

Portia sat at the row behind them, filing her nails and looking imperiously haughty.

Some feigned smiles, others looked away with haughty contempt.

Scientists will have to step out of their laboratories and humanists will have to give up their haughty disdain for modernity.

They became haughty and arrogant, and began to love the art of subterfuge and deception, as well as politics and law.

Waiters with tables to fill are heartily welcoming instead of haughtily aloof.

She sails into the waves flanked by arrogance, haughtiness and false power.

They perceive haughtiness, arrogance and all sorts of faults in people who are really totally indistinguishable from themselves.

When quite modest health care reforms were introduced by New Labour in England, Scottish Labour was haughtily dismissive of them.

The woman wearing said fake fur turned around quickly, shot Mom a deadly look, and then haughtily turned back around and ignored her.

She looked haughtily at me for a second and turned away, resuming her conversation.

His crushing critiques, if not born of arrogance, have at times been delivered with a haughtiness that practically swaggers across the page or the airwaves.

Louise came in, saw us, said, “Excuse me,” very haughtily, and marched out.

There’s something so extraordinary about the pride, the haughtiness, the explicit sensuality of flamenco which is so unBritish.

“Serves you right,” Leigh said, with mock haughtiness.