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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • unable to be placated.
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The movie’s pace is as relentless and implacable as its villain.

The man who is supposed to be protecting them is somehow their fiercest and most implacable enemy.

He was conscious though, and gave her a glare of implacable hatred.

Jack, resolute, determined, implacable, was never much for glad - handing.

Today’s enemy, however, is not a philosophy that condemned millions, but an implacable, unappeasable, pitiless fanaticism that exists on the very fringes of humanity.

This madness is the implacable and relentless determination to kill insight and awareness, even at the expense of destroying the island they depend on.

Do they imagine that the timely renunciation of resolve can placate an implacable foe?

And what he saw inspired in him a deadly, implacable hatred.

But this would also be a process in which constitutional nationalism adopted a harder and more implacable position.

Here there is, as I find, no such opposition and certainly no implacable hostility on mother’s part.

Yet the market remains implacable - febrile and unknowable.

I am an implacable opponent of most of what this government does.

In more civilized times even the most implacable enemies were treated with dignity.

Her attitude to the new contracts remained implacable.

Hardly a week goes by without some industry organisation stating its implacable opposition to the idea.

Your nation endured the blitz to prevail over an implacable foe.

But his hostility to the devil is implacable, utter, and steely.

English fortresses fell one by one before his implacable determination.

When the young girl refuses, the two become implacable opponents.

He felt a mixture of anger, frustration and hopelessness at fighting against a seemingly implacable system.

Maybe they see insects as implacable foes, sure to strike fear in the hearts of enemies.

Rationally, most people understand that civilised life in this country faces a heartless and implacable foe who is prepared to strike as often and as cruelly as possible.

It is easy dealing with an implacable enemy.

Investigations by The Sunday Times indicate that he will face implacable opposition from every Premiership club.

All reasonable points, but with the government implacably committed to the card and a wide coalition of lobbies implacably committed against, there is little prospect of a reasonable debate.

The next time it happens, just imagine that you are arguing with your own stubborn self, and I’m sure you’ll change your stance and find that their implacability was to a degree egged on by your own attitude toward them after you determined that they were being stubborn.

The important thing to acknowledge, to accept and to make use of is the fact of the anxiety - its weight, its size, and its implacability at this time in your life, for whatever reason.

Being implacably opposed means speaking out openly against the current authorities” anti-people’s course, against the capitalization and colonization of the country, against any step by the ruling circles aimed at further impoverishing and violating the legal interests of working people.

Thus, many journalists have become implacably resistant to the idea that these political leaders are lying about profoundly important matters, let alone engaging in serious or illegal misconduct.

We are implacably against those who are implacably against us, yet we are generous toward those who are willing to reason with us.