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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • not showing due respect for another person; impertinent.
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I must destroy those impudent toddlers, and this time, I won’t leave their fate in the hands of an incompetent, backstabbing crow!

It may have sounded somewhat impudent, particularly in my sullen tone of voice.

He let out an amused, mocking grin, took out another impudent puff of smoke, then replied, “It’s not written in the school handbook.”

“Do not be impudent,” the elders said, still speaking as one.

“Oh, you impudent child,” Mrs. Hastings muttered through clenched teeth.

True, it was innovative and his talent unquestionable; but still there was a feeling among many that such a fresh and impudent style may be better employed elsewhere.

Hardcastle had found him impudent because the man, Marlow, had treated him like a servant (someone else had told Marlow that the house was an inn, and so he thought Hardcastle was the innkeeper).

The impudent fellow has also angered his wife who sits nearby suckling their child.

I glared at her, not caring if she thought me rude or impudent.

“Oh, yes we will,” Jacob said with an impudent grin.

At first he doesn’t care for her impudent suggestion, but then he realises that she might actually be onto something.

His thoughts are blatantly impudent to say the least.

My problem is not with the fact that people do not know what it is, my problem is with the currently impudent attitude towards that which is unfamiliar and the reluctance to admit to ignorance.

“I think this is an arrogant, impudent and immoral act,” Sneh said.

De Sica’s fifth film was not a financial success, however, and its negative reception was in part engineered by those who saw it as an impudent criticism of Italian morality.

It is to the opposition leader’s credit that he did not eviscerate the impudent youth on the spot.

Does this impudent, dishonourable journalist think he is the equal of Tolstoy, physically, intellectually, artistically, or morally?

“I’d call you an idiot, but it would be an insult to stupid people,” Lon retorted with an impudent grin.

It used to be that if there was an over-the-top comedian who said impudent things that outraged stuffed-shirt reactionaries, they would always be coming from the left.

Sundarar, on the other hand, is impudent, and addresses the Lord with pert familiarity.

The impudence and the irony of the attack can escape no one.

He stared back at her; first impudently, then he almost seemed to wilt beneath the strength of Magdalena’s gaze.

That was before composer Kurt Weill came along and impudently chose to ignore those traditional boundaries.

You’re a terrible actress,” Tristan folded his arms and grinned impudently at her.

Yet she could not help herself and paid dearly for this impudence.

She had the impudence to get impatient, tapping her fingers on the desk, and tidying empty bags as she waited.

Along the way, Henri flirted with Geneva by mockingly fluttering his eyes at her and impudently grinning.

“Yes,” the queen replied, curtly, still ruffled by her husband’s impudence.

She sashays with admirable impudence into the back quarters of the salon.

He looked up, feeling my gaze, and grinned impudently.