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  • a gum, spice, or other substance that is burned for the sweet smell it produces
  • perfume with incense or a similar fragrance
  • make (someone) very angry
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Automatically, his senses registered the smell of incense wafting through the air.

The sweet smell of incense wafted in the evening wind.

Perfumed with incense and sandalwood and synonymous with soap and silk, it is among the most beautiful cities in the country.

Set the incense cone directly atop the lighting point on the trail.

Myrrh is a fragrant gum resin used in making incense, perfume, and herbal medicine, and in ancient times it was also employed in embalming.

The great defender of traditional liturgy could also be its critic when he thought the fog of incense was merely hiding a vacancy at the altar.

Priests chanted prayers and read from sacred texts as incense wafted from the corners of the temple.

She always had some sandalwood incense burning when she sang, or wrote.

I’ve also dedicated recent writing to her and burned incense to her almost daily.

Impressionist paintings hung on the walls and sandalwood incense released a sweet scent.

But it returns to a recent past, in a softly lit yoga hall decorated in muted earthly tones and perfumed with incense.

Instead, they burn incense and other sweet odors and light candles.

There will be a statue of Buddha, candles, and an incense burner.

The entire congregation later filed past the head of the coffin each member making a sign of the cross with a strange implement whilst on the coffin a small salver of incense smoked away.

When the time comes, settle yourself in front of the area, light the candle, and open the bottle of perfume or light the incense.

She took in one final breath of the scent of the jasmine incense, the scent of the Goddess, one Angharad had adopted for herself.

the swirls of incense in the air

I never imagined I would be laying here, with the scent of incense and jasmine filling my nose, lying this close to anyone, nearly drowning in them.

He then lit the incense and let the smoke rise for a few moments before taking it and walking around the room muttering the same words he had spoken before.

I turned on the CD player and watched as Amanda lit the incense.

The air in the church had been redolent with incense, thick and sweet-smelling.

The room was filed with stale smoke and faint incense, mixed with a strong odor of wine and ale.

Orthodox priests held a memorial service, and the blue smoke of incense smoke curled in the hot summer air.

The sweet smell of incense filled Hitomi’s nose, making her feel slightly light-headed.

They lit candles, chanted oaths, and burned incense.

All you see is the mist of thick and perfumed incense.

He could see the cloth wrapped crystal next to the burned out incense stick.

The people also held various kinds of burial rituals and burnt incense on special days.

The room was lit almost completely by soft candlelight, and the air was perfumed by sweet-smelling incense, and men smoking pipes filled with herbal concoctions.

the sharp lingering sweetness of incense