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  • used when a person has something more to say, or is about to add a remark unconnected to the current subject; by the way.
  • in an incidental manner; as a chance occurrence.
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Key lime pie, which incidentally ought to be yellow and not green, is understandably big on Florida dessert menus.

Your uniform is a mess incidentally and I am writing of it to your mother.

Kids, incidentally, can be really cute, if you’re looking for an extra incentive.

Many of the American founders, incidentally, made exactly the same distinction.

This campaign, incidentally, is being seriously impeded not just by my own curmudgeonliness, but more by the lack of a mate to drag along.

He is also, incidentally, seeking to become the second black quarterback to win a Super Bowl, and is boosted by the best season of his career.

The Prom, incidentally, is an old tradition of the college, going back 80 years.

EMH foci in the liver are usually asymptomatic and may be discovered incidentally.

The Free Trade Hall in Manchester was once one of the North’s great venues for many years, and also incidentally a haunt of my teenage years.

the infection was discovered only incidentally at a postmortem examination

In the last half of the series, Carrie hooked up with a Russian artist, played, incidentally, by a famous Russian ballet dancer.

River water, incidentally, is even drinkable today after a good boil.

Australian wine, incidentally, has found favour among the people of France, the spiritual home of Wine.

On the issue of specification of works, there is nothing I wish to add save in so far as my remarks on consultation may incidentally touch upon it.

Usually it is associated with gall stones and may be discovered incidentally at operation.

There’s a magazine devoted to them, and a museum, which incidentally, I have been to.

Some people say the best things in life happen incidentally, by chance, that fate defines what becomes of us.

If it happens incidentally, if some kid looks at me and says “maybe I could do that?”

I went to see it the other day, incidentally, it’s still there, still exactly as it was in 1935.

One guy attacked me in a big bear hug of excitement, which incidentally, I didn’t mind at all.

Food importation is, incidentally, the major gobbler of foreign exchange in any year that the country has to import.

The author Picador poached from Random House is, incidentally, the first British winner since 1998.

incidentally, it was many months before the whole truth was discovered

Salivary stones may be discovered incidentally on dental radiographs or during routine examination.

In social life he loved the fishing rod which incidentally was one of the gifts of the Offertory Procession at his Requiem Mass.

His talent was nurtured by his parents who, incidentally, met at a rambling club in the 1940s.

Your doctor may discover them incidentally during a pelvic exam or prenatal ultrasound.

These, incidentally, are the countries that have the largest number of endangered primate species.

That, incidentally, was one of the subjects the aspiring beauty queens were asked to speak about.

the infection was discovered only incidentally at post-mortem examination