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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • having or showing no skill; clumsy.
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He is socially inept, he has no personal life, yet he tries to help damaged minds.

I cannot understand how such an inept man can be elected head of the world’s most powerful country.

There can be no way back into next Scotland squad after this inept display.

Things are so much easier now I can converse, albeit in a choppy inept way, in Japanese.

The fault lies clearly, yet again, with inefficient and inept council officers and management.

He has clearly lost the plot and is proving to be both inept and devoid of morality himself.

This is the second year we have been disenfranchised by this inept system and incompetence behind its planning.

Consecutive governments have insisted on a completely inept policy of open immigration.

Now inept council staff and councillors are to waste public money on proposals which do not address the situation.

Their years of management were pretty inept and brought about a tenfold increase in water prices.

Most people couldn’t afford, or felt too socially inept, to go and watch plays.

He visits his old office, tries to help out, but feels like he left the work in inept hands.

His descriptions are often quite pedestrian and sometimes strangely inept.

He made her feel so silly, so inadequate, so inept at being his secretary.

Apparently she was enraged by the inept actions of the person ahead of her at the drive-in ATM.

He did not let the army tackle the situation, leaving it to the inept and communal police force.

He said the inept attitude of the government has created a chaotic situation in the state.

If the robbers hadn’t been so inept they might have got away with it.

In part, this vote has emerged because of the inept handling of the asylum issue by the Government.

And if the inept service doesn’t take your breath away, the prices certainly will.

By that time it is out of the hands of the police so it is ludicrous to suggest that the police handled the case ineptly.

His integrity will prevail against the forces of corruption and ineptitude.

The Government was frightened that once there was decent scrutiny of the legislation, the weakness and ineptness of it would be plain for all to see.

His character is a white youth of supreme stupidity who hilariously and ineptly adopts the mannerisms of black street talk.

How could you want to finish your career as a spokesman/ticket seller for an organization that has been determined to set the standard for ineptness, foolishness and cheapness?

It was their ineptitude in these negotiations two years ago that precipitated much of the recent financial crisis.

The ineptness comprised both the inability to volley but also the clumsy odyssey toward the net, the latter somewhat incomprehensible for a player of such good mobility along the baseline.

At times, after a particularly long-winded question ineptly put, the defendant would look totally at sea.

There is a gulf between the perceived ineptness of many backbenchers and the acknowledged competence - sometimes seen as arrogance - of frontline ministers.

It is even possible that the FBI’s complete ineptness in investigating terrorism was at least partly caused by misdirection of other parts of the U. S. government.