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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • inborn; natural.
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It follows that the Leibnizian theory of innate ideas is substantially correct.

The annual concert was a fusion of education and entertainment as the kids displayed their innate talents.

No amount of scientific progress, moreover, has separated the world from our apprehension of its innate destiny.

That capacity is not innate to them: it must be socialized into them by educational institutions.

The shops, too, seem to lack any innate sense of décor and creative display, choosing instead to pile it high and sell it cheap.

The more we can restore innate natural poise the more we can enjoy physical harmony in activity, and in stillness.

The capacity for memory is clearly innate, but not special to any particular domain.

Even our intelligence, prized in our individualistic culture as a symbol of innate uniqueness, turns out to be a social gift.

I assure you it has nothing to do with bravery, or some innate motivation to break the big story.

They love to learn, not so much to earn, but to explore their innate capacities.

Children have no innate fear of water and must be carefully supervised.

Hume maintained that Descartes was wrong to hold that we possess innate ideas of mind, God, body, and world.

They were also given vital tips to hone their innate skills, which would help them face the stiff competition.

They have an innate sense of rhythm and produce music using basic instruments.

We found that many children, even those not much exposed to classical music at home, had an innate interest in it.

It has often been claimed that primitive mathematical notions are innate to the human mind.

Success has come so naturally that the young Italian exudes an innate, unquestioned belief in his own talents.

Unlike Locke, Hume has no objection to saying that impressions are innate.

She has no friends and, due to her innate tactlessness, appears to lack the capacity to make any.

There is innate hostility to organised labour on the college board.

We are choosing the bit of time that best fits our innate capacities, our abilities, and our aims.

Once again, one should never undervalue the innate decency of ordinary and not so ordinary Americans.

His innate decency and instinctive way with people also masked a deep-seated confidence.

I saw a wrong and I wanted to right it; it’s just a basic innate instinct to me.

Thirdly, the findings of this book also have important ramifications for current thinkings about universals, innateness, and learnability.

We seem to know innately, with our hearts, what is right, proper and just.

In reality, plasticity and innateness are almost logically separate.

Are women innately better cooks than men or vice versa?

As these stories indicate, many of the habits that we consider natural or innately human are in fact cultural or socially taught.

Scientists would argue that humans do innately know how to swim.