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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • ignorant of or uninterested in cultures, ideas, or peoples outside one's own experience.
  • of, relating to, or from an island.
  • of or relating to the insula of the brain.
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Is it any wonder that people think America is insular and isolationist, if major press institutions can’t even be bothered to put in the ten seconds of effort it would take to spell the name of our governing party properly?

They are commonly found along the continental or insular shelves as well as freshwater estuaries or mangrove marshes.

In particular, areas between reserves were not as inhospitable to species in the reserves as oceans were to insular species.

The central sulcus of the insula runs upwards and backwards, dividing the insular cortex into a precentral lobule with short gyri and a postcentral lobule with one or two long gyri.

What this told us was that he had damage to two areas of the brain: the insular cortex and parts of the basal ganglia.

Gold and silver were sometimes used in the production of manuscripts (after the early insular script).

Today the island is home to a large colony of little terns and is the only insular colony in Ireland.

Island populations and insular endemics thus appear to be especially vulnerable to extinction due to genetic factors.

This distinctly insular style owed little to continental trends and was the source of considerable admiration from foreign visitors.

Quebec being small, in regard to its institutions, and somewhat insular because of its cultural history, its people have always perceived Canadian cinema as being foreign.

Plantations, slave revolts, colonial governance, the insular existence, the sea, hurricanes, and many other elements contributed to the cultural synthesis.

We, in our society, too frequently place ourselves in insular groups that do not freely talk to one another.

Tracing the origin of plant taxa inhabiting islands has been one of the most exciting topics in insular biogeography.

The insular cortex is indented by a number of sulci, one of which - the central sulcus of the insula - is deeper and more prominent than the rest.

Michael felt much the same, but he found it impossible to be as private and insular as Carl.

Funny that the people making the comments don’t seem aware of how they look to those outside their insular group.

In marked contrast to previous morphometric results, a clear separation between continental and insular samples was found, and intermediates between H. balearica and H. valentina samples were not detected.

As a result, we have become very insular, and my parents in particular have found it difficult to form lasting friendships, or indeed temporary acquaintanceships.

They prefer the warm environment of coastal waters along continental and insular shelves.

The groupings were made on the basis of location, while taking into consideration the continental and insular outcrop of the Cubagua Formation.

Religious heresy denunciations do not appear often, outside of certain insular ultra-orthodox circles.

Because no one outside the insular world of boxing can name one pug that he has under contract.

I was at the time insular and somewhat passive.

In the last 750 years before Caesar, Britain adopted many of the characteristics of the successive phases of the Continental Iron Age, though often with insular variations.

Sinistral clades also did not originate in the less planktonically productive insular Indo-West Pacific and Caribbean.

Even among the poorly differentiated tumors, insular carcinomas did not show any significant differences in survival compared with noninsular carcinoma cases.

The claustrum is a layer of gray matter that lies on the medial aspect of the insular cortex, from which it is separated by a sheet of white fibers known as the extreme capsule.

In part, because Australia you know is an insular continent and islands have suffered disproportionately because their faunas are often isolated and not used to invading disturbances.

In human-created environments, surrounded by concrete and asphalt, we often feel isolated and insular - as though we are protected from the forces of nature.

Even in famously insular Japan, travel is producing a far more worldly generation.