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  • very complicated or detailed
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An unusual and attractive feature of the bathroom is a fireplace with intricate detail.

Our own sexuality is far more complex and intricate and can take far longer to understand.

That quite complex and intricate work had to be done so that those matters could be put down in the right order.

The slow section for the four leading dancers is intricate and complex.

All this really means of course is that if someone wants to find out about you in intricate detail they will be able to.

The country has an intricate network of railroads and an even denser web of bicycle paths.

I seem to remember my dreams in unusually intricate detail and twice as often as most people.

I have read about the magic of Solomon, and it seems very complicated and intricate to me.

The plot is not especially complex, but there are some intricate twists and a few surprises.

In this way, she has created a time machine of the most intricate Victorian detail.

It sounds a bit dull when I say it like that, but it was an enormously complex and intricate piece of work.

The intricate detail and structure of this miniscule world is breathtaking.

Even more seriously, this is a play full of the most intricate , knotty, compacted language.

There are some enticing snippets of intricate detail but these are too few and far between.

Another room featured a team of a dozen girls who were hard at work doing some intricate weaving.

The arrangements are intricate without being fussy or complicated for the sake of it.

He says there is a difficult and intricate question about whether there was a duty of care in law.

It is so complex and intricate that it relies on the full cooperation and participation of all its members.

He was himself a batik designer and his love of detail and intricate design is apparent in his artwork.

It turned into five weeks’ hard labour as we unravelled the intricate rhythms and built the complex set.

What looks at first sight to be a straightforward recorded song recital turns out to be far more intricately and thoughtfully put together.

His creations are an actor’s dream, intricately detailed and enigmatic.

Door frames are intricately carved and stained glass, above the half landing and around the main door, is colourful and detailed.

She brings out a suitcase full of intricately embroidered cloths that she is preparing for her daughter’s dowry.

The third a priori is that all aspects of the universe and all beings within it are intricately interdependent.

For some reason, plants that have gentler tones of colour seem to be intricately constructed and merit close-up attention.